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We live for your correspondence because MOTIVATIONALS was solely created with you, the reader in mind, so please don’t hesitate to write in to us for whatever reason which compels you to do so.



    Generally each post will have a comments section which is underpinned by a feature which allows you to contribute you comments. Feel free to use it if a particular post has resonated with you or if you feel you need to add your two-cent’s worth. Perhaps you have a different perspective to share, you agree, you disagree, etc. Tell us!

    Topic suggestions

    We welcome any and all topic suggestions, even though this doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll be commissioning their discussion and publication. There is a certain pathway and theme I seek to take the blog along and stick to, respectively, but I guess by the time any reader has a topic to suggest then they’ll know that it should probably fall in line with the general theme of the blog. Send them all in, anyway!

    Criticism and feedback

    Motivationals is a blog for the readers, so we’re all about making you happy in the sense that you come away from each post you read with the kind of actionable value that will have you improving your life in whatever small way. We welcome any and all criticism and feedback, but obviously with the aim of improving, so no mindless debates about nothingness, please!

    Personal and professional advancement blueprints

    This is the contributed content we particularly value, because personal and professional growth and development is what MOTIVATIONALS is all about. We are all about the actionable stuff, so if you feel you have a story or a step-by-step blueprint that can be deployed to help our growing list of fellow readers and followers achieve a specific task or goal, get in touch with us about the possibility of its publication or feature.

    Do you have a life-hack which you stumbled upon, for instance, or one which you developed yourself? A productivity hack, perhaps, or maybe a special place you discovered to help you relax, recharge, meditate, make money, etc? We’re all about the actionable blueprints!

    Guest posts

    Are you an up-and-coming fellow blogger, writer or an established publisher who seeks to share some of your wisdom and get credited for it? Guest posting is a great way through which to do that and we do indeed have a guest posting structure here at Motivationals. Get in touch if you have an idea for a guest post, which naturally has to fall in line with the gist of what the blog’s theme is all about. Granted, it is indeed quite a wide scope which is covered here, so take that chance and get in touch in any case!

    I’ve written up some ideas for topics we like hearing about here:

    • Inspirational stories
    • Transformations
    • Keeping fit
    • Diet and nutrition
    • Healthy habits
    • Motivational posts
    • True life stories
    • Health and wellness
    • Self care
    • Influential sports people
    • Training
    • Gym reviews
    • Health and fitness news

    Sponsored posts

    Sponsored posts are a little different to guest posts in that there is some kind of monetary structure to the publication of the contributed content. We definitely welcome sponsored posts as well, but once again, the content matter or whatever it is which is sought to be highlighted has to fall in line with the standards of what Motivationals is all about. It has to be all about helping people in some or other way, ideally in a specific way.

    We’re all about helping our readers and the subsequent sponsorships which come from sponsored posts go a long way in helping us research and publish content which is of the highest quality and continues to deliver great value.

    The editorial process

    As far as it goes with comments, feedback, criticism and topic suggestions, getting in touch with us is as straight-forward as using the appropriate channels, but otherwise as far as it goes with the editorial process of sponsored posts, guest posts and other contributions that require a little bit more back-and-forth involvement, we have a basic editorial process. Get in touch with us first to find out exactly how to structure the content you propose to submit as well as to discuss if it will indeed make for a great fit for our blog and for the growing audiences.

    How to get in touch

    Get in touch via the contact form, via email, social networking platforms or in any other way which is most convenient for you. I may not respond to every single bit of correspondence received, but rest-assured, it will be read and taken into account.