Why I’m a Morning Person

If I had a penny for every single time I’ve heard somebody proclaim that they’re “not a morning person,” I’d probably be rubbing shoulders with the most prominent members of the world’s millionaires club! I’ll be honest and say that I also used be one of those people who “aren’t morning people,” but I’ve long since had a change in mindset and it has brought about so many positive changes to my entire life. It is indeed a mental construct – a very powerful one at that and either way, it can be harnessed for your own good or to your detriment.

What you conceive in your mind gets reinforced by what you speak with your mouth and gets completed by the subsequent actions which you choose to put in place as a result. This then sets of some kind of chain reaction, where the people with whom you interact and associate further reinforce that which was once a mere conception of your mind. Some very powerful forces then come together to manifest it into a physical form or into a form which can clearly be felt or experienced in such a way.

So basically what I’m saying is that I’m a morning person because I made a decision a long time ago to simply become one!

The truth is there are indeed many benefits to becoming a morning person, in other words getting up early and making sure you’re sharp and ready to take on the day immediately, without the need to be grumpy about not having had your first cup of copy yet to officially kick-start your day. It is indeed a frame of mind and that’s about 90% of the battle won to make the transition into being a morning person.

The remaining 10% just requires a little bit of action which granted only has a limited window of time to take full advantage of and make that positive start to the morning, but it very quickly becomes habitual.

So did I HAVE TO become a morning person, having previously been the epitome of people are definitely aren’t morning people?

Making the transition from employee to entrepreneur

My transformation into becoming a morning person was in large part aided by my transition from being an employee, working from eight-to-four at an office job, to an entrepreneur who is essentially his own boss. I wouldn’t say the transition itself is what catalysed it completely, but it was part of what set it into gear, simply because as much as you enjoy the freedom to set your own working hours as an entrepreneur, those hours are actually dictated to by the market which you seek to target.

In my personal journey to personal growth and career advancement (and outright career evolution), I sought to target some personal growth and development areas which I’m familiar with in my own life, so I started looking around me to see which of these areas would be most easily targetable.

As a an entrepreneur who doubles up as a motivational enabler, business coach and consultant, naturally the problems experienced in my own life would indicate to have some great value in being able to find solutions for them, so basically it became a matter of being able to demonstrate the positive effects of becoming a morning person.

The transformation and transition

It’s as simple as this – I started making more money as a newly-minted morning person, albeit the transformation into a morning person is somewhat of a gradual one, but one which requires consistency. Waking up earlier than usual, which may have appeared to be counter-productive, actually helped me a lot in my quest to morph into a morning person.

What that then led to was being able to beat the peak-hour morning traffic rush when I was still putting in the hours at the office, arrive early and put in some time in the gym and then use the rest of the time more constructively prior to starting the work day.

The knock-on effect was sleeping earlier in the evening, but having achieved greater productivity throughout the day. I saw an opportunity to sell “morning person” alarm clocks as an affiliate and that essentially facilitated the transition from employee to entrepreneur…

The clock is one which only shuts off once you step out of bed and onto it, with your full weight, so there’s no way to get back into bed after that ritual is completed!