How to boost your fitness recovery with Normatec compression boots

Chances are you haven’t come across leg compression boots before and probably won’t be using them too much yourself, yet these leg compression boots actually help you recover faster. You’ll probably have heard of leg compression boots, since they are quite popular in athletics, but what is leg compression? It’s a type of post-exercise recovery […]

Should I use leg compression boots for my recovery?

Conversations regarding compression boots as recovery equipment are not new. In an email to me from Oyshia Hamman, a multi-sport athlete, Leg Compression Boot User, who has helped me in the past on this question, she brings up the topic of leg compression boots as part of leg training. Some leg training guides suggest using […]

Is a vibrating foam roller the perfect present for an athlete?

Well, the answer is probably in the question. Isn’t it? A vibrating foam roller is definitely a great present for an athlete, but there are a number of reasons as to why this makes for the perfect gift any athlete will absolutely love. They were probably planning on buying one in any case By now […]

Understanding the Essential Functions of Protein in the Human Body

As a kid, you likely learned about the food pyramid in school. The pyramid has fatty foods on top, high-carb bread and pasta on the bottom, and fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meat somewhere in between. While this diagram is useful for kids, it doesn’t tell the whole story of macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and what […]