Why is there Discoloration in the White Portion of the Eyes?

The eyes are the most sensitive organs in the human body, and keeping them safe and pristine is crucial for every individual. A protective layer called sclera in the eyes covers more than 3/4th of the eyeball surface and is white. But what if the white color turns into another color? Eye discolor demands an […]

What Do the Best Eco Mailing Bags Look Like? Traits and Examples

We have all been used to the standard single use plastic bag, longer than the eco mailing bag. They often have this thin looking material that looks like it’s going to rip easy. Then what happens? They go down to the landfill. The Centre of Biological Diversity mentions that a single-use plastic bag takes on […]

What Makes “Eco Paper Bags” Eco-Friendly?

Eco paper bags are picking up steam lately. They’re being used by companies to mail products and provide bags for grocery store customers, and some particularly green consumers are buying their own stockpiles to skip the plastic bags many stores still use. What makes them so “eco-friendly” though? Wasn’t paper a bad product just a […]

All About Stock Photography

Introduction Stock photography is a business strategy in which people can sell their photographs through a stock agency. The stock picture business began to gain traction in the 1920s and has established models such as classic microstock photography, mid-stock photography, and microstock photography. A stock agency provides licenses for the use of photographs uploaded to […]