UK Parliament Suggests Ban On Daytime TV Gambling Ads

According to new figures released by the Gambling Commission, online gambling is a thriving industry that accounts for 33% of the total gambling that takes place in Britain. Between April 2015 and March 2016, online gambling operators in Britain produced a Gross Gambling Yield of £4.5billion. Because of this, online gambling is officially the biggest […]

Should I use leg compression boots for my recovery?

Conversations regarding compression boots as recovery equipment are not new. In an email to me from Oyshia Hamman, a multi-sport athlete, Leg Compression Boot User, who has helped me in the past on this question, she brings up the topic of leg compression boots as part of leg training. Some leg training guides suggest using […]

Bristol Emerging as a Travel Bloggers’ Paradise

People whose burning desire to want to see as much of the world as the possibly can like visiting towns such as Bristol, with a preference for the short-term accommodation that’s on offer. Bristol, in particular, is emerging as somewhat of a travel bloggers paradise, with the upmarket suburb of Clifton taking the fancy of […]