About Motivationals

Hi, I’m Benjamin, born and raised in Chelsea, London and I live just down the road from my parents’ house, who have since passed-on, but they left that house to me and I basically rent it out as a virtual office space. I think they’d be proud of what I’ve done with the place as a way to make sure their spirits live on in a way that continues to contribute positively to the world, in the same way that they always did!

So I jumped right in with my bio, didn’t I?

Basically I just wanted to paint a picture of what this blog is all about right from the get-go and get right into it by depicting my personal human spirit to be maintained throughout all the content I share here. These days that all-important human-factor seems to be missing from the very well put-together, highly polished platforms they (bloggers and influencers) refer to as their blogs, so it helps to keep it real and to be real right from the onset. I just want what I hope will turn into my growing list of avid followers and readers to be comprised out of people who understand what it means to go through some of the mainstay challenges of this life we live and to rise above them in the best way possible.

Something like the death of one’s parents is somewhat of an inevitability, but it doesn’t make it any easier to have to deal with something like that, albeit, as mentioned, it’s somewhat of a certainty of life. The key to dealing with any situation, good or bad, is exactly what drives the operation of this blog, which is to try and find something positive to draw out of each of those situations, no matter how hard it may be.


Why Motivationals?

Motivationals is merely the most appropriate name I could have ever come up with to describe what the blog is all about in just one word. That’s very important to me, because being able to quickly spot the gist of an idea, concept, some information, etc, take it and run with it, is what I believe to the secret to success in this fast-paced world we’re living in. So that’s essentially what Motivationals is all about…

Personal and professional development

Despite what the name might initially suggest to the casual observer, Motivationals is about way more than just a source for some daily motivational quotes and the likes. Sure, we will indeed delve deep into the motivational aspect of life, because that’s definitely part of what’s required as part of the ultimate journey to personal and professional development, but it doesn’t end there.

We all need some source of soft inspiration in the form of some words, quotes, stories, etc, but at some point all that inspiration needs to transform into the kind of motivation which has you taking action! That’s what we’re ultimately all about here – taking action! Motivationals is all about manifesting inspiration into actionable motivation which has you getting up off your behind and effecting some actionable steps as part of working towards achieving a specific goal you’ve targeted.

Where I can, if I get hold of the definitive “do this, do that, like this and that” blueprint to help you get a certain task done which forms part of a specific goal you want to reach, then that’s exactly what I’ll do. I’ll source it and hand it to you as is, because chances are I would have likely tried it myself to see if it actually works.


I strongly believe in the principles of essentialism, which basically just encourage the focussing on the most important elements of anything you seek to get done first and knocking those out first.

Finding the all-important GIST

Ultimately, everything that MOTIVATIONALS comes right back down to is the all-important gist of whatever it is which is being pursued. Are you having a discussion? Are WE having a discussion? If so, then what is the point of that discussion and are we on a clear path to arriving at that identified point?

I hope to see you back soon and regularly as we work towards deploying all the knowledge of the world to firstly solve our immediate problems and then work towards living our best lives ever!