Your Guide to Quitting Smoking and Starting a Fitness Programme

Making the resolution to quit smoking is one of the best decisions you could ever take, in relation to your health. There are many benefits you will feel, almost immediately, testimony to which are the reports from people who have ditched the many outlets at which you can buy tobacco-based goods and shop more regularly at their favourite online vape store.

Before we get into the actual plan to put into effect as part of what you would do if you wanted to effectively quit smoking and start a fitness programme, some of the advantages of doing so would be pertinent to touch on.

The advantages of quitting smoking

You’ll be surprised at just how effective smoking is in the killing off of your taste buds. It doesn’t kill them off completely though, but rather works at putting them to sleep. This is something you’ll notice once you stop smoking. Food suddenly tastes so much better, to the point that if you didn’t know, you would wonder if the producers of the food you regularly consume have suddenly started producing more flavoursome food.

You’ll probably also stop craving chilli foods so much, which is another killer of the taste buds, craved to make up for the effects of smoking on your taste buds, quite ironically.

Beyond that, the advantages of quitting smoking are probably already clear, rooted in health considerations. Your lungs will be cleaner, as you limit bombarding them with all manner of harmful substances added to cigarettes. You’ll be able to be more active without risking all the indicators which come together to heighten your risk of heart disease.

The biggie – you’ll be stemming the flow of factors which can cause lung disease and even cancer. Even if you use an otg glass to smoke cannabis instead of smoking a cigarette, your chances of cancer are significantly reduced. Medical cannabis can even reduce inflammation, so if you’re looking for an alternative to smoking cigarettes to help you quit, you might find that cannabis actually helps you to breathe easier in the short term. Besides contributing towards reduced (potential) health risks otherwise associated with conventional smoking, marijuana could offer an alternative user experience. In that light, accessories such as dab rigs, bongs, bubblers, pipes, etc., can be bought online from shops similar to The Freeze Pipe (

Naturally though, the reason why you would have paired your resolution to quit smoking with that of starting a fitness regime is that you probably know that you’ll have to take some kind of a proactive approach to helping your body reverse the damage caused by smoking. Either way, smoking often hinders the kind of physical activity required to make up part of an effective workout programme, so it’s only natural for you to want to quit smoking, perhaps as a direct result of wanting to be more physically active.

Right, so here’s how to go about it – quitting smoking and starting a fitness programme.

Start with the end in mind – taking stock

To establish exactly where you are, challenge yourself to take part in whatever physical activity you’d like to be able to do well as a healthier, non-smoker version of yourself. If you want to play ninety minutes of semi-competitive football, for example, get on the field and try to last for that period. Take note of how you fare.

Giving yourself a transition period

Don’t indulge in any overkill… Starting with the end in mind is just so that you know exactly what lies ahead in terms of the commitment and effort you’ll have to put in.

You would then proceed to give yourself a transition period, where you start working towards your fitness goals, all the while actively taking steps to eliminate your smoking habit completely. This would mean hitting the gym instead of stuffing your face in front of the TV, along with using vape kits as opposed to going out for your habitual fag.

Formulating a progressive exercise regime

Your exercise regime should then be tweaked and modified to maintain some challenging levels as you start to smoke less and less cigarettes and as you get fitter and fitter.

Taking stock of your progress

It’s important to record your progress, taking special care to document as many details as possible. This is important because at some point you might want to bring in some outside, perhaps professional help to help you break through some plateaus or just ensure to keep making progress.

Adjusting your fitness programme to make for a lifestyle element

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you relapse. However, everything will have been in vain if you relapse and don’t get back up on the horse. Living a smoke-free life which has you exercising regularly is something which you want to turn into a lifestyle, not just a short-term project.

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