Windows & inspiring home workout spaces

Windows & inspiring home workout spaces

Lots of us workout from home. To motivate you to exercise regularly the space you use needs to be light, with good air circulation and a nice place to be. It also needs to fit into your homes design scheme seamlessly so your living area doesn’t always look like a gym.


Many of us place our exercise area in front of a TV screen however it is much better to look out of a window, rest your eyes and get a break from all that artificial blue light. An exercise area flooded with natural light, with an open view of trees, a city scape or a garden is relaxing and will super charge the mental health benefits you get from physical activity.

Windows also provide ventilation so you can maintain a comfortable temperature without needed to use energy intensive cooling systems. And of course, the fresh air from your open window will also mean your house doesn’t smell like old trainers!

You might have to rearrange your existing furniture to make space for exercise in front of your biggest windows. It is much easier to be flexible with space in open plan designs. So if you are knocking a wall out or putting in some folding sliding doors or replacing old windows make sure you consider how to incorporate your workout space early on. 

Inspiring Windows

We have some found some great examples of perfect home workout spaces. So get inspired.

If you have large windows already like these fabulous traditional bay sash windows then great.  Simply rearrange a bit of your furniture and voila!   You have a fantastic inspiring workout space full of light, fresh air and expansive views.
If you have a garden can you incorporate folding sliding doors and windows like these.  When the weather isn’t great you still have lots of light but as soon as its dry and warm you open up those windows and its as if you are outside. Of course you still benefit from a clean, dry and firm floor.
If you are embarking on a more extensive building project then can really create something special. Open plan designs tend to provide more flexibility in terms of incorporating mixed use areas. Here in the center of the room in front of huge windows and under skylights there is a exercise rug . The light wicker chairs can be slid backwards in a second to expose the perfect workout space.
This design scheme achieves the same result however it feels more traditional.  Again there is a natural space behind the sofa which can be used for working out which benefits from natural light, fresh air and does not imping on the dining or seating areas.
This studio design is tranquil and light with tones of space for working out. There are plenty of cupboards to store hand weights, mats and other equipment so when you aren’t exercising you maintain clean uncluttered lines.

Think Of The Environment!

If you are replacing windows then do try to use environmentally friendly materials. UPVC and Aluminum are environmental bad boys but is there a practical alternative? Wood is gorgeous, renewable and is a carbon sink but compared to metals it has a shorter life and a reputation for needing regular maintenance. So what do you do?  There are plenty of modified woods on the market that are great for the environment and make timber windows that last for ages and don’t need regular painting. So make sure you have considered all the options carefully.

To End!

Even hardened runners or gym bunnies are having to work out at home now during lock down. We are all learning how easy it is to build exercise into our daily routines and complete tough workouts without needing to step outside our front doors. This will probably lead to a long term trend of more at home exercising. So take some inspiration from this article and make your home workout space and inspiring and positive place to be.

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