Will Normatec boots help my legs recover faster?

With the fitness industry now fully operational (almost) after being rocked by the COVID pandemic, whilst many resorted to home workouts in the meantime and continue to do so, is there less emphasis on the recovery after exercise anyway? Recovery is the most important part of physical exercise, as your muscles don’t actually grow whilst you’re working out, only whilst you are resting in between sessions. If the recovery process can be more active and the body helped to get back to its pre workout state, this means less time needed in between workout sessions for rest.

Normatec have created boots which aid recovery pre and post training or workout. 

Often worn by athletes at the peak of their respective sports to help improve performance but available for everyone, do they help legs recover faster? Keep on reading to find out!

  • Patented NormatecTechnology

Normatec’s patented technology in the boots increases blood circulation and reduces pain and soreness. Thus, helping with recovery especially post workout. Proven solutions for helping recovery, increased circulation gets more oxygen into the blood which it needs to recover. 

The boots are connected to a bluetooth app which lets you customise your recovery. The product from Normatec allows you to choose how long and what level of compression is suited best for you. The recovery system helps give you fresh legs faster depending on the intensity of your workout and the time you need to rest after exercise.

  • Trusted by 97% Pro Teams

If this wasn’t enough, then the product has been tried and tested amongst professionals within the sporting world. Whilst boasting collaborations with athletes across the sporting spectrum from Anthony Joshua to Stuart Broad to Neymar, who all work with professionals in recovery after fights/matches. Normatec boasts the tagline “sold by athletes to athletes”.

  • Boots Design

The Normatec design is compact and lightweight, so easy to put on especially after a hard workout! Easy to put on as well, as the boots come in a range of sizes tailored to meet your needs. How the boots work to speed up recovery is through massaging the legs to increase circulation.

This is how Normatec’s boots are different from the rest, as it combines three distinctive massage techniques to speed up the body’s normal recovery process. These are pulsing compression, gradients and distal release in comparison to more simplistic compression patterns in normal fitness recovery products. This is the most important element for effective compression on the legs.


With all these product features, do the boots speed up recovery after exercise? Through Normatec’s patented technology and massage features which increase blood circulation, the conclusion is they do work.

Increased blood circulation is scientifically proven to improve recovery by increasing oxygen into the blood. The combination of massage features speed this up to help the legs recover faster, especially for athletes not just at the top of their game but for those who are physically active, whether this is from running, or the gym, or any kind of physical sport. These boots will help those legs feel fresher much faster!

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