Why the Murgs Knee Sleeves are Essential for Your Crossfit Workout

What kind of weight should you be pulling in CrossFit and how do you go about working out what it is? These are some of the most common questions that need answering in the fitness sphere.

That is what I am trying to do here, explain something important for individuals and teams in Crossfit. Just like you can start with a bodyweight workout, you can start with a pullup. Or kettlebell or even rope-walk exercise. All of these exercises have one or more movements and you need to incorporate some kind of knee sleeves for each of them.

Keeping your joints, especially your knees, supported while doing heavy workouts is crucial. Specifically, people who have undergone knee arthroplasty or knee replacement alternative treatment may have specific considerations and requirements when engaging in physical activities, including workouts like CrossFit. In such cases, the use of appropriate knee support, such as knee sleeves or braces, might be crucial to provide stability, compression, and protection to the knee joint during intense exercises.

So what are Murgs Knee Sleeves?

Murgs knee sleeves are made to slide on and off with your shoes. They look like ski-ski boots with elastic lining to prevent the knees from sliding. For most Crossfit athletes, they are enough for their CrossFit workouts. Some athletes require special Murgs knee sleeves. They are the athletes that need proper padding for their knees, and they may be comfortable, but they can hurt during a workout. So why bother? Why not just wear a knee sleeve? It can be difficult to move properly in a knee sleeve as compared to a knee sleeve that does not have padding.

These special athletes or teams do wear Murgs knee sleeves. So how much padding do I need? Just like in everyday life, you need a certain weight for your body. For instance, to lift a 50-pound weight for a long time, you need a 60-pound weight. It does not matter if it is 60 pounds for a foot or for a knee. Just keep that number in your head.

If you are in a constant state of knee pain, maybe you will do better in a less padded knee sleeve, such as a lower calf sleeve, or lower upper calf sleeve. If you are an athlete, you need a higher weight for each knee to perform a decent workout. It is usually not an issue to do a 50% leg workout in a knee sleeve, but if you lift a certain weight with knee sleeves, it will be tougher to perform a full effort. It is a load reduction exercise. It is often not worth it.

Padding for any of the exercises should be done according to your own needs. The general weight needed for each exercise in a pullup, knee walk or kettlebell swing should be enough to prevent pain.

I am not telling you to wear a knee sleeve if you do not want to. But you will get a much more effective workout if you do, especially if they’re of the quality contained specifically in Murgs knee sleeves. And you do not have to wear knee sleeves just for one workout. It is a way of saying “I do not like my knee pain”. The teams that say “I do not like my knees hurting”, or at least say it very loudly, usually perform better.

Special Murgs knee sleeves

Some athletes have special murgs knee sleeves. They do wear special knee sleeves. It does not matter if it is made for CrossFit or for sports like tennis, baseball, soccer, basketball. The athletes that are using knee sleeves typically do not have much padding on their knees. And so you need less padding, and the knee sleeves themselves are not as padded as if it was for sports.

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