Why the Digital Nomad-Type Lifestyle Isn’t for Everyone

Truth be told, the phrase Digital Nomad has since had its peak cycle in terms of topping the search terms on Google, but by no means does that mean this remote living-and-working lifestyle is diminishing in popularity and adoption. If anything, its popularity is only growing, at somewhat of an exponential rate as well, with more and more people seeking to trade in their traditional eight-to-four jobs (nine-to-five in the US and some other areas) for a life which appears to afford them more freedom to set their own hours and look out into working-environment views that are a little more inspiring. They are seeing what else is out there and how they can achieve a different working environment, some are looking into how gaming free money can be beneficial as they build up enough to start their nomad lifestyle. Times have changed, and so has the way we earn, and if someone can go fully digital then that means others have the option to live a life of earning money whilst being entertained in whichever capacity that is.

More and more people are actually making it happen as opposed to dwelling on the possibility of it, which is why there isn’t much hype around it as a most-searched term anymore. Although people looking to travel full-time while also working, might have to do some additional reading before setting off on a tour across, say, Iceland for example. But those with the drive to do it, actually get up and do it. So, in the true spirit of what MOTIVATIONALS is all about, more and more people are taking action instead of feeding the paralysis of analysis monster.

The Digital Nomad lifestyles is indeed something straight out of a dream though, isn’t it? I mean imagine waking up naturally every morning, or whenever it is your body naturally decides it’s time to stop sleeping, heading out for a breakfast beside the beach, where you are to put in the minimum amount of work required to make just enough money to keep sustaining your nomadic lifestyle of working remotely and travelling…

Except that’s not quite it, is it? The picture I just painted is precisely what brings into view the fact that the Digital Nomad lifestyle isn’t for everyone. THIS is not how things go, as much as many who claim to be successful at maintaining this wonderful lifestyle would have you believe. I’m sure all my readers know by now that we encourage the heavy scrutiny of anyone who claims to have succeeded using some kind of system which they then want to turn around and sell to you.

The truth of the matter is that the Digital Nomad lifestyle requires a kind of discipline which the average person doesn’t have. Sure, there are indeed successful Digital Nomads who do indeed work one or two hours in the morning and one or two hours in the evening and yet still manage to make more money than they can spend in a day, but they didn’t just wake up one day and implement some magic formula which was sold to them for a price of $47, $97, or perhaps as a so-called “high-ticket” or “big-ticket” item at $997.

They’ve had to put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears to build up remotely run business operations of which the fruits of this labour they are now benefitting from. For instance, they probably started with getting a viasat satellite internet connection to establish contact with the world for their remote business. Besides this, they might have also sat hours and hours trying to make connections on the Internet to get a fair idea about vendors, customers, and product demands.

Think about it from the perspective of how everybody and their grandmother perhaps has an out-the-box drop-shipping, e-commerce site these days and yet they come nowhere near realising the success of some fellow drop-shippers who have invested hours and hours of behind-the-scenes work and perhaps even some money into building relationships, constructing networks and persisting with the selling.

The amount of hard work it takes to sustain the life of a Digital Nomad, whether as a remotely run business or as some work that is done remotely, is about at least twice that of the security of a regular job.

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