Why Calgary is the Up-and-Coming Place to Live in Canada

Fun fact: with more 1.2 million residents calling it home, the city of Calgary has the highest population in all of Alberta and the third highest in Canada as a whole. And that number is only growing. It seems like everyone from new families to young professionals is on the lookout for Calgary houses for sale these days. Here are some of the reasons why:

Clean streets…

Despite being known for its booming oil industry, Calgary is one of the most environmentally friendly cities anywhere. In fact, it has more than once been ranked as the cleanest city in the world. Thanks to its high standards, aggressive anti-litter laws, and programs like the landfill-shrinking Too Good to Waste initiative, Calgary has some of the lightest traffic, purest water, and most breathable air in the country.

Job opportunities…

As noted above, Calgary is a major focal point for Canada’s energy sector, with a whopping 95% of the country’s oil reserves coming from the city. But oil isn’t the only industry finding big success and offering big opportunities. Calgary is home to the highest per capita concentration of corporate headquarters in the nation. Unsurprisingly, it also has one of the lowest unemployment rates.

Low taxes…

Calgary isn’t just a great place to make money, it’s also a great place to save it. Having no provincial tax, a flat personal tax rate of just 10%, and a lower property tax rate than similarly sized cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Edmonton, it’s no wonder people are flocking there.

Mild winters…

Canada isn’t called the Great White North for nothing. In a country known for its frigid temperatures and heavy snowfall, Calgary stands out as the sunniest major city in the nation. It sees an average of 333 bright, sunshiny days every year. Temperatures rarely rise above 65 degrees during its dry, comfortable summers, and they don’t often dip below 20 degrees during its mild, cold-snap-free winters.

Cultural diversity…

Calgary’s population is one of the youngest and most highly educated in all of Canada. It’s also one of the most diverse. With nearly 30% of its residents being born in another country, more than 240 different ethnic origins can be found here, speaking over 140 languages. It’s a veritable mosaic of races, religions, and sexualities, all coming together to create an inviting community.

…and cowboys!?

Believe it or not, cowboys love Calgary. Why? Probably because of the city’s biggest claim to fame, the self-proclaimed “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth,” the Calgary Stampede. As the largest rodeo in the world, this annual ten-day event transforms the Great White North into the Wild, Wild West with live performances, delicious food, midway games, and other fun activities. Git a move on, li’l doggy, yee-haw!

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