The best CBD sources in Southampton are reliable online suppliers offering quality CBD products with many options to choose from. You can also buy CBD oil locally in Southampton, but this may not avail the many options and quality you enjoy as you shop online.

Many want to know the CBD situation in Southampton and where to find quality CBD. If you share the same sentiments, you are headed right, and this blog is for you. It does not offer medical advice in favor of CBD but lets you see through the lens of the CBD situation in Southampton, UK. CBD is legal in Southampton, and you can shop it online or in stores. The former is the best since it guarantees product quality and variety, while CBD in stores may not offer many options to tap into or guarantee quality. Here is all you need to know about the two shopping options, starting with the CBD definition.

CBD Basics

According to Maione et al. (2011), CBD Infused Sweets is a non-psychoactive chemical compound in cannabis plants, majorly hemp. Non-psychoactive means CBD does not make you high, the main reason many like it. The active chemical compounds in cannabis, and which CBD is one, are called cannabinoids and are more than 100. Silvestri et al. (2015) stated that CBD does not lead to the high effect one feels in smoking weed, which is why many find it relatable. Peer into the next section to know the CBD situation in Southampton.

Can You Legally Buy CBD in Southampton, UK?

Like the rest of the UK, Southampton has legalized CBD, so you can buy it without violating the land’s cannabis laws. However, a few restrictions apply, and you must know and apply them to enjoy CBD peacefully. Precisely, the CBD product in question must be hemp-derived and feature less than 0.02% THC per dry weight. While hemp is no longer on the Controlled Substance list, cannabis is a Class B drug in GOV.UK, and cannot make legal CBD sources. Due to its psychoactive nature, THC should only be found in Southampton CBD products in trace amounts. Once you have ticked the boxes above, you can enjoy the following CBD classes in Southampton.

CBD Categories in Southampton, UK

Are you ready to shop for CBD in Southampton? You can explore CBD benefits in one of the following classes;

  1. Full-spectrum CBD; features a little vessel vape pen, CBD, terpenes, and many cannabis compounds, making it ideal for users who need CBD with extra cannabis compounds.
  2. Isolate CBD; is made by stripping CBD from hemp surfaces and only leaving the cannabinoid in its purest form. It does not have THC or other cannabis compounds.
  3. Broad-spectrum CBD; between isolate and full-spectrum CBD, there is broad-spectrum CBD with many hemp compounds in full-spectrum CBD but no THC. It is ideal for fans who want CBD with extra cannabis compounds but no THC.

Your choice of CBD class depends on how you want your CBD to be; pure cannabinoid or CBD with additional compounds, and none is better or worse than the other.

CBD Products in Southampton

Human cells cannot directly absorb CBD as a compound, but when combined with other compounds into a form that’s readily absorbed and soluble, the body benefits from it. Here are the CBD products to tap into and feel CBD benefits in Southampton;

  1. CBD tinctures and oils; are CBD liquids with oils or high-proof alcohols as the base. They allow for effective CBD delivery, especially if you take them sublingually, but they are bitter.
  2. CBD edibles; did you know that you can munch CBD-infused edibles like gummies and chocolates? They are sweet and flavored but may take time to relay the needed effects.
  3. CBD vapes; are the best if all you want is fast CBD effects, but they may irritate your lungs and throat.
  4. CBD topicals; you can apply CBD balms and creams to your skin if you want to feel the cannabinoid’s effects without letting it into your blood. Studies are yet to prove them effective.
  5. CBD capsules; if you enjoy supplementing with CBD, you may find capsules effective, especially if you need prolonged effects. Still, they have no flavor, and many take long to relay expected CBD results.

Where to Buy CBD in Southampton: Online Options

Di you want to enjoy CBD benefits in Southampton? The best way to find any CBD is to source it online from reliable suppliers like JustCBD.uk who offer quality CBD, and couple it with trained customer care reps to address your questions, 3rd party test results, and enough brand information which you make use of before buying CBD to enjoy quality items. Shopping CBD online comes with many brand and product options, which allow you to find quality CBD Sweets at reasonable prices. It is also convenient to buy CBD online since you need not drive or walk for long in search of CBD, but you can readily have your orders by your doors.

Where to Buy CBD in Southampton, UK: In-Store Shopping

While online shopping is the best way to find CBD in Southampton, it is certainly not the only way. You can also find CBD locally in Southampton; all you have to do is visit vape stores, head shops, food stores, organic shops, and natural health outlets such as the Southampton CBD Center, Evapo Southampton Vape Shop, and the Up In Smoke CBD Bazaar to find CBD. You will not place orders and wait them up for a day or two, nor will you pay delivery fees. However, in-store CBD shopping may not offer as much product information or 3rd party test results, and you may carry home substandard products. Many also find CBD in stores quite expensive, and if you cannot get answers to technical questions, you may buy products you are doubtful about.

Finding Quality CBD in Southampton

Regardless of your route to buy CBD in Southampton, you must ensure you have nothing but quality CBD and that every CBD product you buy does not conflict with the land’s cannabis laws. Paying attention to the following points makes this a reality;

  1. Buy CBD from companies that offer quality CO2-extracted 3rd party tested CBD products.
  2. Avoid companies that claim to heal or cure with CBD.
  3. Buy CBD from brands you well know about and can prove their reputation in the CBD world.
  4. Do not buy cheap CBD products and comprise quality.
  5. Ensure your CBD comes from hemp and has less than 0.02% THC per dry weight.

UK Cannabis Laws: Medical Cannabis in Southampton

The Guardian (2018) noted that from November 2019, UK doctors would legally prescribe medical cannabis to deserving patients. Such have epilepsy, MS, chemo-nausea, and other medical conditions not meeting licensed products. According to The Medical Cannabis Clinics (2022) report, one needs a doctor’s prescription to buy medical cannabis from its stores legally, and a medical condition is not enough without the prescription.

Recreational Cannabis and Delta- 8 THC in Southampton

While medical cannabis is legal for certain people in the UK and Southampton, recreational cannabis is illegal, and having it will take you to jail for up to 5 years or more, lead to huge fines, or attract both. Distributing cannabis is also illegal, and it will take you to jail for up to 14 years, call for huge fines, or both. Delta- 8 THC is equally illegal in Southampton, and you don’t want to be found with it.


CBD is legal in Southampton as in the rest of the UK. The best way to find it is to source it online from reliable suppliers likeJustCBD.uk to have product varieties and unlimited access to 3rd party test results, and enough brand information so you may buy quality CBD at the best prices. Many also shop for CBD locally in Southampton but don’t have access to the product variety, quality, and brand information as in online shopping. Regardless of your preferred shopping method, this article helps you know how to find quality CBD as you shop in Southampton.


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