When should you get rid of your shoes?

Cleaning out a closet or updating your wardrobe is usually for de-cluttering clothing, leaving out the shoes and other accessories. The possible reason as to why people overlook shoes is because they have no definite expiration date and their lifespan entirely depends on the quality. However, if you are looking to purchase a new pair of shoes from Kohl’s then it becomes harder to justify spending the cash if you have a pair waiting to be used at the bottom of your wardrobe. Perhaps, you would feel a little less guilty if you sold the shoes and tried to use a Raise coupon to cut down the cost of your new purchase.

When you are reading this article, chances are you still have shoes in your closet that you bought five years ago or still have shoes that no longer fit you. It means that you are attached to them, or you don’t know when it’s time to retire those old shoes.

There are few simple steps to begin the de-cluttering project of your shoe closet;

  • Begin by gathering all your shoes and boots in one place.
  • Categorize your shoes as either cold or hot weather wear. Return the shoes that will sustain you for the upcoming season.
  • After step 2, divide your shoes into two categories: those you wear all the time and those you wear less frequently. At this point, you will have a few selections of shoes that you want to keep and those that you want to get rid of.

When you begin the journey of deciding whether to keep or toss old footwears, look at the following factors;

The condition of the shoe

The length of wear determines the state of footwear. Give it a thorough examination to find out if they’re functional. Toss of shoes with the following characteristics; with cracks in the soles, those with wobbly heels and with unscathed fabric, with loosening stitches and have lost shape. However, if the damage is limited to the toe guard or splitting of the seams, you can use adhesives such as Sugru mouldable glue to make the necessary repairs. To figure out how this can be done, you can look up videos on YouTube or search the internet.

Alternatively, you can find a cobra that will fix the issues if the pair of shoes are not in a terrible state and restore it to its original form at an affordable price. You may be surprised how a leather renovation (like a repair service of the same material) make full comebacks of shoes that have been run over by cars, dropped in mud, or even chewed on by dogs.

For the shoes that you are going to retain or give away, they deserve to look fresh; below are shoe care tips to prolong the lifespan and for a new look every day.

  • Avoid using the washing machine to clean your shoes because even the gentlest cycles may damage the glue, which keeps the shoe together.
  • Always wipe off mud and liquids, especially on leather wears to avoid stains.
  • Avoid overwearing a pair of shoes as it irreversibly damages the structure of a shoe.
  • Avoid drying damp shoes using a heat source like a hairdryer always air dry them.
  • Buff and shine your footwear after every wear.
  • Apply a moisturizer on leather shoes to prevent potential cracking.
  • Use shoe trees when storing your shoes to help maintain the shape.
  • Always store shoes in a dry place.

Check for fit

Your feet never get smaller; instead, they may grow and change shape. Try one pair at a time to see how they fit. After trying, take time to walk in them to establish the reason why you had forgotten them for that long.

Out there, there are a million pairs of shoes, yet you only have two feet, take time to ensure that those you keep are the right size and shape. However, if you have shoes that you love yet they are tight for your feet read the following tips on how to stretch them out;

  • If they are a little uncomfortable wear them around the house in the evening, sometimes they will loosen to the point they feel good.
  • To change the shoes to your feet size, try the trick of wearing thick socks and blow-drying them for about 20 to 30 seconds on the tight areas, and they will loosen.
  • Consider buying adjustable shoe trees; they will help expand the length and the width.
  • Other than the shoe trees, you can custom stretch your shoes using a variety of liquids and spray products available in shoe stores that stretch fabric, leather, or vinyl.
  • Seek for cobblers extending services.

Evaluate your collection

When you have an overwhelming number of different pairs of shoes, it becomes challenging to plan for your outfit. Simplify your decision by getting rid of those footwears that do not apply to the rule of SOFA (season, occasion, formality, and activity) method.

Even though your reason for keeping that heel could be because fashion is cyclical, you need to keep an eye on what you wear because it is mostly shoes that can make you look, pretty, weird, or outdated. Despite that shoe fashion is highly versatile the following trends never become obsolete; ankle boot, sandals, white sneakers, OTK boots and ballerina flats among others.

Assess your lifestyle

Lifestyle is simply the way you choose to live your life. So, how does this affect the type of shoe you should have in your closet and ones that you shouldn’t? You could have a change in lifestyle, for example, from an outdoor job to a corporate office.

In the corporate world, you will not want to wear something that makes you look like a time traveler, especially during your working hours. Most companies and organizations define their dress code, which indicates the type of shoe you are supposed to wear when working.

Other practical scenarios, such as a significant transition in your career or health, will lead you to decide on shoes that will serve you better and those that are better with someone else.

How to arrange and store your shoes

Now that you have remained with a few selected pairs of shoes, here are a few tips on how to organize and store the shoes.

  • When using shoe storage such as shoe racks or custom shoe shelves, organize your shoes in the order of those worn frequently and those less frequently.
  • All your fancy heels should be at the top of your closet.
  • Consider DIY sandal holders by using wire hangers.
  • Always store the boots upright and to maintain the shape use old magazines or plastic bottles.
  • Remember to shop for shoe care products.

The process of saying goodbye to your shoes is subjective. Rather than simply throwing away shoes, if they are in good condition consider selling or giving away the shoes that you have decided to get rid of.

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