What type of clothing is best for CrossFit workouts?

For starters, remember that CrossFit workouts are all about maintaining a maximum lean body mass by exercising that muscle, and that all types of athletic clothing can achieve that goal. Those who have the financial ability may choose to spend a lot of money on one specific type of clothing. However, because this type of athletic apparel comes with a high price tag, some may opt to purchase multiple pieces to match different workouts or environments. If that is the case, many would recommend not spending more than one or two hundred dollars on a separate jacket, shirt, pants, shorts or a pair of shoes.

That being said, CrossFit clothing is very different from traditional clothing in both its form and material. In the world of clothing, the bulk of the production costs typically come from how thick and durable the material is. If the fabric has the potential to break down and wear out, then that piece can no longer be sold and recycled. One particular difference between CrossFit and traditional athletics is the level of fit that athletes demand. This type of sports apparel, because of its unique fabric and material, requires a much higher level of conditioning than regular clothing in order to achieve the desired levels of comfort and versatility.

If you are still in the decision-making process of what you may wear while working out, there are several categories of athletic clothing that you can consider when selecting athletic clothing. Whether you’re into twin sets or sports bras, there are so many options to choose from! I will break these categories down into the three types of apparel that I commonly find being sold in athletic stores:

Leisure Clothing – These pieces of clothing typically fall in the category of sportswear or leisure wear. While most of these pieces of clothing are intended to be worn in everyday conditions, they can easily incorporate patterns and designs of various sports for the sake of fashion and decorating. As a general rule, I recommend selecting these pieces of clothing for sports that you are participating in such as running or running training. While I can see these types of sports competing for your heart and lungs, I can also see them competing with other sports as well. Certain other sports that may be involved in the exercise regimen may require the use of a more exotic or specialized workout gear such as lifting garments or an odd-looking pair of tennis shoes. In short, if you are working out in a more versatile sport that is supported by multiple sports that involve lifting and running, or would include the use of a more aggressive fitness regime such as Gymnastics, I would suggest selecting leisure items for your workout clothing.

Sportswear – Sportswear usually falls into the cross-fit gear category because it has been approved and endorsed by CrossFit. Sportswear is made specifically for the sport that it is intended for. Not all pieces of cross-fit gear will be made with the same fabric or material, but most pieces are made from cotton in order to last longer.

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