What Type of Band You Should Hire For Your Wedding

Your wedding is an extremely important day of your life. In fact, some people may even consider their wedding day to be the most special and important day in their entire life. That’s why it is so important that everything related to your wedding day goes perfect. One of the biggest concerns you’ll likely have when planning a wedding is the music that will be played. You’ll likely have to hire some sort of live performer, like a band or a DJ, but deciding on who to hire could be a struggle. So what type of band should you hire for your wedding?


Although it is your own big day, you might want to consider the crowd at your wedding when deciding what type of band to hire. What will the primary age group be at your wedding? Will they be relatively old or young? Do you anticipate a lot of dancing, or do you think guests will remain relatively stationary? These are all things that you might want to consider when hiring a band for your wedding. You don’t want to alienate a vast majority of your guests, so you might want to reach out and see what the guest list is interested in if you can’t decide on your own. 


Another thing that you need to consider when deciding on a band to hire for your wedding is the budget that you have available. How much money do you want to dedicate to the music? If you want to dedicate lots of money to live music then you might be able to snag a relatively well-known band to play at your wedding. On the other hand, if you have a small music budget, then you might be better off hiring something like a DJ or a solo performer. You need to decide how important live music is to your wedding, and allocate a budget to it. Only when you decide how much money you have available to hire a band will your options truly be known to you. 


The venue that is hosting your wedding is another big thing that you need to consider. How are the acoustics of the venue? Is there enough space for a live band to perform, or will you have to settle with a DJ? And are you willing to just “settle” when it comes to music? These are a few challenges that a wedding venue might pose to you when it comes to hiring a band. Although you may just want to hire whoever your heart desires, sometimes there are some serious logistical problems that can arise with a venue. When this happens, you’ll either be forced to make another band choice or will have to change venues. 

Personal Preferences

The biggest influence on what type of band you should hire for your wedding day is obviously the preferences of you and your partner. As much as you want to be sympathetic to the wishes of other people, in the end, it is your big day. If you and your partner feel like that you should hire acoustic singers or a country band, then, by all means, go with your gut. Unless there isn’t a huge logistical or budget problem with the hire, there’s no reason why you two shouldn’t be able to go with your heart and hire the type of band that will make you happy on your big day. 

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