What materials are good for club ties?

When it comes to creating club ties for your team or organisation, you want to make sure that you select the best materials, to give you the perfect finish for your bespoke piece of neckwear.  

There are various choices when it comes to selecting a tie material. If you’re not sure about the differences between the various options, it’s always a good idea to speak to a professional tie designer or sales advisor, who will be able to help you find the perfect selection of fabric, weave and finish.

Choosing a tie material

Ties are traditionally woven in either polyester or silk and both are great for wearing all year round. However, as technologies have evolved, you can also print a design onto a tie. The material that you will want to choose for your tie will come down to your specific taste, as well as the end use – will it be worn on special occasions or more regularly? Here are just some of the types of the most popular fabric and manufacturing techniques to help you decide.

Silk ties. Pure 100% silk is a classic fabric of choice for those wanting a sleek and sophisticated top-quality tie. A silk tie is perfect for wearing at a one-off occasion, to keep its pristine and glossy look. Silk is generally a more expensive material so it’s often saved for formal wear and special events.  

Silk woven ties. A woven silk tie is a great option if you’re looking for a tie that’s quintessentially British. Silk woven ties have long been associated with clubs for many decades, as the fine silk thread offers a superior shine and a soft feel. A logo can be jacquard woven into the fabric, which will retain the tie’s classic texture and handle, as well as allowing the finest of detail to be achieved in your motif.   

Printed silk ties. If you think that a woven silk tie might be too heavy on the neck, a custom-printed silk tie is a lighter weight alternative. The offer a crisp, dry handle and the lighter fabric is more suited to smaller knots, if that’s what you prefer. Digital printed silk ties can be manufactured using a specialised printed machine and large screens, to achieve fine details. This technique is good for creating vibrant colours and to add depth to your customised design should it need it.  

Polyester ties. Polyester ties are a great choice for clubs that might require a tie that is worn more frequently, for example every week for sports matches. Polyester is generally a cheaper option than silk, it is also longer lasting when worm regularly so it is the best choice for more regular wear. 

Polyester woven ties. Polyester ties may have typically been thought of as a ‘cheap’ choice. However, through improved manufacturing techniques, polyester has come far in the past few years and is no longer as synthetic-looking it once was. Unlike silk ties, polyester ties are very durable. Club stripes and logos can be woven into the fabric to provide an alternative to embroidery or surface printing.  

Printed polyester ties. If your custom design is bright, or you wish to include a range of club colours, we can print your pattern onto polyester ties. As with printed silk ties, there’s no limit on the number of colours you can use in your design. These ties are generally very cost effective, which is especially useful when it comes to ordering big quantities, if for example, your club has many members.

The eco tie.

Eco-friendly ties are high-quality manufactured ties using recycled plastic bottles. Standard polyester is created using valuable natural oil, but plastic bottles can be cleverly made into polyester yarn to create a sustainable yarn. Around 1000 eco-friendly ties saves around 2000 bottles from the landfill. If your club is keen to protect the environment and play a part in sustainable living, these ties are a great option. Recycled polyester offers the same quality, strength, durability, range of colours and luxurious feel as standard polyester fabric.   

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to choosing a material for your club tie. A lot will depend on what the ties are for and how often you and your club will wish to wear them. When choosing a material, it’s also worth considering your tie design and how you want it to appear on the finished tie. Not forgetting to think about how much you want to pay and how many ties you need for your club. It’s definitely a good idea to discuss all these requirements first with an expert, such as the team at James Morton Ties, to choose the optimum material for the best finish for your club tie.  

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