What Makes Teak Wood So Expensive?

In comparison to what we can consequently refer to as indoor furniture, even if you consider the post-purchase costs of caring for teak outdoor furniture in addition to the purchase cost, outdoor furniture always works out cheaper. Of course, this does indeed depend on what kind of outdoor furniture you’re talking about, for instance, a solid slab of cement with intricate ornamental and structural carvings to make a garden table and chairs set would set you back a handsome sum, while an equally impressive alfresco dining set made out of teak wood would work out much cheaper.

That said though and bringing teak wood into the discussion, of all the wood types which go into the making of outdoor and garden furniture, why does teak wood appear to be among the most expensive?


If you think about where teak wood traditionally hails from, Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar (Burma) in particular should rightfully come to mind. There are indeed some other countries even in other regions where the wood that goes into your teak garden table and chairs would have been sourced, but if we’re talking about the original source here then it has to be Myanmar.

It’s not just about that particular country and region the teak outdoor furniture is sourced from, but rather about everything around the process of sourcing this wood and shipping it across the world for refinement into the timber that is eventually fashioned into furniture. While you can get teak wood from the likes of nearby Vietnam and other S.E. Asian countries, there’s still some kind of significance attached to teak wood timber coming from Myanmar.

That’s a big part of what makes it so expensive, along with the recent government regulations around the exportation of logwood versus completed goods and timber.

Speciality outdoor furniture wood

For its impressive physical properties, teakwood is largely considered to be the very best wood for garden furniture. Naturally, a speciality wood would have some kind of premiums price slapped on it, which is one of the reasons why teakwood is quite a bit costlier than other woods used for outdoor furniture.

Impressive lifespan

You can buy a teak wood furniture piece or entire set just once and, with the right care, it could last an entire lifetime. Of course, you have to know where to source it, like from the kind of retailer who specialises in teak wood outdoor furniture and accessories such as teak wood planters. So naturally, a lifetime investment would cost a bit more.

However, teak can suffer from wear and tear over time. Extreme weather can fade the color of the wood and grime can build up. This can happen over time but with some elbow grease, you can restore it completely. Get supplies ready like a garden hose, scrub brush, sandpaper, teak cleaning solution, and teak sealer. You will need protective eyewear and hand gloves as you will be using chemicals that can be harmful if directly handled. While rinsing the teak, apply the cleaning solution and scrub with the brush. It won’t damage the wood and softly remove dirt and soap. If soap remains on the wood, it can damage the surface. After rinsing, allow it to dry completely. It will take a few hours depending on the weather conditions.

If you are short on resources and find it too hectic to dive into the process of repair, you could look for professional help. Companies like California Garage repair often urge their customers to” call us for garage repair“, so that is an option you can explore.

All things considered, teak wood isn’t really that expensive

All these factors considered give teak wood furniture a different kind of varnished gleam when you reconsider the price, don’t they? Because you might not even need to worry about any infestation of termites (that those who don’t have teak furniture might have to call someone like https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/local/california/ to help them deal with), and other such regular outdoor furniture concerns, the seemingly premium price attached to teak wood furniture isn’t so bad after all.

All things considered, teak wood isn’t really all that expensive, but it does come with that luxury, high-quality feel to it either way.

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