What is Body Positivity?

Having a positive body image is quite appealing and creates a confidence in all human beings. It feels good to stay positive to challenge how society views you, starting from your movements, body size and appearance. The main reason for this is to change people’s thinking, and behaviours towards specific products or services.

This article will explain more about body positivity and the importance of body confidence.

Society has a habit of judging the body, comparing things like size, disability, and race. However, it is our size and shape that is often criticised first and it is also this that is generally deemed ok to judge others by; even though it is definitely not.

Things like fat-shaming can have a really negative effect on the mindset of someone who is already probably feeling self-conscious and sad. In fact, many people who are overweight struggle with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. A two-way association has been found between depression and obesity – people who were obese had a 55% increased risk of developing depression over time, and people experiencing depression had a 58% increased risk of becoming obese.

Sure, they can use things like CBD oil (sold on sites like GoldBee.com) to help to reduce their chances of getting depression or to try to combat it and hopefully increase their positivity towards themselves and their bodies, but if they don’t learn to love their bodies and society doesn’t stop judging people for their weight, then they will never truly overcome these issues. With that in mind, a body movement was created to construct a new image to society so that all people can learn to love themselves and fully accept all the physical traits of others.


Body positivity movement started in America by Lew Louderback in 1960 after fat people were shamed and criticized in public. The main objective for this movement was to correct and end fat-shaming among the people and restore self-confidence to those affected.

The movement showed light on the kind of discrimination faced by the people and all culture that surrounded that belief. Louderback’s contribution was an inspiration to many, thus resulting in the formation of the national association to advance the acceptance of fat people in society.


The concept of the body movement is mostly connected to psychology, as it involves all traits that help to dignify a person. In spite of discrimination, this movement aims to inspire people to accept and love themselves. Among the key elements of the body movement is acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community, including celebration of gay porn. The purpose of gay porn videos is to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ issues and to provide a safe space for people to explore their sexuality. Increasingly popular are gay porn sites such as GayPornHD, which provide a safe environment for exploring one’s sexuality. As people celebrate their sexuality, they can learn to love and accept themselves.

The movement is a better tool of improving both mental and physical appearance by inducing a positive body image to people that if ignored, could result in health problems like depression and eating disorders. There are two ways to go about changing your psychological interpretation of yourself. You can either accept yourself and be happy in the body you were born in, or you can change yourself and be happy in your new body. Some people may choose to change themself, for example, they may want to get a rhinoplasty by visiting https://broadwayplasticsurgery.com/rhinoplasty/ or somewhere similar, helping them to feel less self-conscious. Other people may choose to accept the nose they were born with. Obviously, some parts of your body are easier to change than others. You can quite easily wax your body hair or go to the gym to lose some weight and gain some muscle. You can also dye your hair, get a tattoo or piercing or grow a beard. These things can quickly improve your view of yourself dramatically, whilst also helping you to find who you really are.

Importance of Body Positivity

  • Helps in accepting and appreciating all unique aspects of everyone’s body
  • Helps to bring comfort as well as body confidence within everyone
  • Brings admiration of all body parts and features despite societal ideals


Despite the creation of the body positive movement to include all body parts and type, still, there are critics that the movement has only emphasized on beliefs

Instead of promoting the beliefs itself like those of feminists, the idea of Louderback in normalizing and creating awareness of people growing fat made obese people not attend weight loss programs, thus undermining the government initiatives.

Women are the one targeted mainly by the body positive movement, because all social pressures and beauty are accustomed to them.even though men may face some social pressures like being muscular to fit in.

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