What Do the Best Eco Mailing Bags Look Like? Traits and Examples

We have all been used to the standard single use plastic bag, longer than the eco mailing bag. They often have this thin looking material that looks like it’s going to rip easy. Then what happens? They go down to the landfill.

The Centre of Biological Diversity mentions that a single-use plastic bag takes on average 1,000 years to decompose, with toxic elements being released into the ground. This is a completely different story with eco mailing bags, they are biodegradable and are friendly to the environment.

I’m sure you are now ready to learn what the best eco mailing bags look like, with examples!

Eco mailing bags look different based on the materials used

Single use plastic bags have the same look about them, whereas it’s a completely different story for eco mailing bags. The type of paper can have an effect on the look and texture of the mailing bag. Materials for these bags can range from:

  • Brown paper.
  • White paper.

You guessed it, this dramatically changes the visual appearance. Brown paper will make the bag look brown. This allows it to give a neutral appearance whilst still delivering an environmentally friendly alternative to tackle plastic pollution. The same goes for the white paper bag.

Brown and white paper also allow customers and businesses to print their own logos straight onto the bags. The colours given allow for logos to be printed with black ink, and this does not contrast with the brown or white paper material.

Building on this, a lot of paper bags are water repellent, bringing confidence to users that their items will not be damaged in transit.

They can come in different shapes and sizes

Visually the same, eco mailing bags can come in different shapes and sizes, to order. This can have a versatile impact for businesses, since certain shape bags can house a brand’s certain products. For example, a magazine firm may use an eco mailing bag to send their magazine in, and a takeaway business may have a larger bag to deliver food and drink.

It’s less likely plastic bags can be made to house a specific product, they tend to come in one size.

A paper bag could be altered further, cut up to make smaller for smaller products.

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