What are the benefits of using a WOD timer?

We all know the importance of time in the gym. Whether we’re wanting to get a quick workout in before we get to work or move on to the next activity in the day, or be consistent day-to-day with how long we’re spending on each exercise or individual workout. This is where the WOD timer comes in to help with all your tracking needs, as a WOD (workout of the day) timer is portable and easy to take with you and use whilst you’re in the gym.

Becoming even more popular since the pandemic as we resort to home workouts, WOD gives an individual motivation as they can create benchmarks whether this be through the variety of apps which have skyrocketed in popularity. However, the use of WOD timer can take this one step further as it tracks the length of your workout throughout your time at the gym or at home wherever it is you choose to workout. So this then begs the question, what are the benefits of using a WOD timer? From a simplistic view, tracking the time of your workouts is the main benefit but if we look deeper into the product we can see there are many other positives to using one for your workout, so what are they? Keep on reading to find out more!

  • Accessible – no more fighting for the gym timer!

Depending on how serious you take your workouts (in terms of timing yourself and tracking), going to the gym you’ll find most of the time you won’t be alone, which means not only sharing the facilities but also the timer available which is fairly commonplace in gyms across the country.

The WOD timer from Trainfit is portable as it is pocket sized, so easy to take with you for every trip to your workout. Also magnetic, so your WOD timer can stick to the wall and have it easily accessible/in view when you’re working out. It helps when you’re also at the gym during those busier times and maybe feel obligated to not spend too long on one machine/area of the gym, even a short burst whether this be squats or any free weight workouts, having the WOD timer set for a certain time limit can help you keep on top, with its countdown feature and fully controlled by you, you’re in complete control of your workout.

  • Need inspiration? – The WOD timer is here to help

It can also be difficult knowing what workout we want to do on a particular day. Whilst many of us have a routine and a general idea of what muscle groups we want to work when it comes to a day of the week or what we have done previously, getting to the gym and motivating yourself to do it can be difficult especially on those low days. This is where the WOD timer comes in handy, as it has over 8 different workout modes, whether this be interval training for your next crossfit gym session. The different time modes can help you decide the time period to workout for the session you’re doing, and give you the boost that the end is in sight! With its bluetooth controls as well, you have full access from your phone to be flexible with your workout.

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