West London Living

Whether you’re looking to sign a new lease agreement with a landlord or take the next step on the property ladder, the West side of the Capital has some amazing real estate opportunities. West London is a hub of city excitement, landscaped greenery and plenty of swanky bars to amble in and out of. With a thriving economy, vibrant community and a promising reputation, a move here is certainly somewhat of an adventure. And with plenty of great schools, job opportunities and seamless city connections, West London, and real estate agents like Finlay brewer, should definitely be on your radar if you’re looking to settle down.

West Drayton

If you’re interested in getting the balance right when it comes to city living and kickback somewhere a little quieter, then West Drayton is where to look. A suburban town with many a riverside walk, you can enjoy the quieter corners of this West London location without being too far from the city at all. And West Drayton is now also home to a new community of ambitious young professionals with the numbers of new developments that are now cropping up all over this region. Shared Ownership West Drayton is a great way to get on the property ladder here with its part-buy, part-rent scheme. This allows you to pay a smaller deposit and apply for a smaller mortgage, taking much of the stress of house buying, out of the process completely. And with getting onto the property ladder at such a manageable price to the west of the capital, the scheme really is a steal.


This region is a great spot for taking advantage of green spaces and walks around spacious parks while being a short trip from the city centre and just 20 minutes from Heathrow. Acton is a favourite amongst West London suburbs with its distinct architecture, anglo-saxon history and bustling town market. Acton is home to a multicultural community that really delivers on the culinary front. With authentic cooking and a range of cultures that give this town it’s vibrancy, Acton is a warm and friendly place to call home. Shared Ownership Acton is welcoming plenty of entrepreneurs and business owners to this region making it a one to watch for job opportunities and finance. And with a range of homes up for offer, Acton should certainly be on your list.

Shepherds Bush

This area is a real hub for finance and business with a work hard play hard mantra. Shepherds Bush is the place to be for live music, window shopping and a world class burger. The area is renowned for its beautiful parks, gigs and events as well as the quickest spot to get to the city centre from. Shared Ownership West London is available also in this region and with endless exciting opportunities upon moving here, Shepherd Bush is definitely one to watch out for.

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