Unwind on a Skiing Weekend in the Alps

If you’re planning a weekend getaway to unwind, recharge, and have a good time, you should consider skiing in the alps. Why? Because nothing beats the alpine charm. The cool, laid-back feel, coupled with stunning views of iconic mountains are extremely rare. Not to mention the many amazing activities you can enjoy individually, as a couple, or with family.

Safe to say, the alps have a little bit of everything for everyone. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best activities and locations that will make your skiing weekend escape in the alps memorable. Read on to find out.

How to Spend a Skiing Weekend in the Alps

  1. Find the Best Ski Resort

You’re going on a skiing weekend, so, logically, you need to find a good ski resort before anything else. Fortunately, you can access most of the reputable alpine ski resorts from the airport easily and fast. Therefore, it’s possible to fly in for a weekend ski trip and return home in time to plan for a new week.

Notable resorts in the alps include the Engelberg in Switzerland, Chamonix in France, and Corvana in Italy. They feature varying terrains that cater to all skiers—from gentle slopes for beginners to off-piste options for the pros.

The learning experience for beginners is exciting, while the adrenaline rush of speeding through the slopes and high vertical drops can be thrilling and liberating for seasoned skiers. In addition, the tranquillity and picturesque views surrounding the ski resorts make them even more appealing for a weekend getaway.

  1. Enjoy the Exceptional Views of the Alps

The alps have some of the most breathtaking views of nature. The surrounding beauty is almost surreal. If it’s not the iconic, snow-capped mountains like Mont Blanc and Matterhorn, it’s the crystal-clear alpine lakes and large stretches of vegetation.

They provide great backdrops for vacation photos with family, friends, or lovers. Even better if you’re planning to propose or celebrate a special occasion. The magical beauty of the region can reel you in and turn your weekend into a sightseeing adventure.

  1. Taste the Local Cuisine

In the alps, skiing is a lifestyle. So don’t be surprised to find ski huts and chalets scattered across the vast mountain slopes with different flags on top. Instead, ski in and ask to be served some of the favourite local drinks and cuisines on the menu. From the raclette, fondue, spatzle, you name it. The food and drinks are the ultimate après ski.

This is also an excellent opportunity to interact with the locals and learn about their culture. Considering the alps region comprises the Germans, Swiss, French, Italians, and Austrians, you’ll have a lot to learn and discover that will take your mind off any stressful issues.

  1. Fat Biking

Instead of staying indoors during your skiing weekend in the alps, you can move around and enjoy the crisp fresh air and beautiful snowy surrounding on a fat bike. It’s a fun and relaxing experience.

There’re many terrains you can follow and explore the alpine countryside. You could even stop by some ancient villages and interact with the locals. If they’re selling any unique items, you can purchase them as souvenirs.

  1. Soak in a Thermal Bath

After a long day on the slopes, nothing would feel better than soaking in a thermal bath. Plus, it helps to beat the cold if you’re not used to it. The options range from modern and stylish heated pools to medieval thermal springs. Also, there’re different sizes to cater to varying groups, from large families to couples who want to enjoy more intimacy.

If you want to catch stunning views while soaking up in the warm water, go for thermal baths high up in the mountains, like the Therme Vals in the Swiss alps. Others, like the Burgerbad Therme, channel their water through whirlpools, waterfalls, and massage jets. As such, you’re sure to get the ultimate thermal spa experience.

  1. Dog Sledding

If you’re tired or not interested in skiing, consider driving a team of enthusiastic huskies across the alpine slopes. It’s a very unique and exciting activity to learn. The dogs are well-trained and highly social, so you can be sure to enjoy interacting with them. 

  1. Ice Climbing

For the adrenaline junkies spoiling for a challenge, ice climbing offers the perfect opportunity. The frozen waterfalls are not only a sight to behold but a good sport. If it’s your first time, practise your climbing skills on beginner-level mountain ice and scale up slowly.

The exercise tests your grit and resilience and feels great when you finally reach the top. It keeps your mind engaged, with little to no room to worry about anything else. As a result, you experience holistic rejuvenation by the time your weekend escape in the alps is over. 


A skiing weekend in the alps is one of the perfect ways to unwind after a busy, challenging, and stressful week. The cool ambience of the place puts your mind at ease, and the many alpine activities trigger deep relaxation while helping you to refresh and recharge. Simply tailor-make your itinerary for a wholesome experience, and be sure to use local guides.

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