Unique Outdoor Furniture Pieces

When people think of outdoor furniture, the natural instinct is to run to outdoor and garden furniture specialists. It’s a justified route to take, but not one which should be taken in haste. You have to think about what would work in your garden and what would look great on your lawn. Lawns are fantastic places to host parties and you’ll want exquisite garden furniture to accommodate guests. Check out this trugreen phone number in texas if you’re in need of their lawn maintenance services before your next social gathering – you will want to make the best impression after all.

Consider some repurposed structures and items which can often be acquired for free, as someone would probably be seeking to dispose of them. These can make for some great, unique outdoor furniture pieces.

An old boat

Whether you’d have it placed slightly tilted as if it “beached” in that particular spot in your garden, or if you have it dug in a little bit to make for a level structure, an old boat makes for a great structure to use as some unique garden furniture. It can be modified slightly if you like, like cutting it in half and putting a garden table in between the seating benches, but it would likely look much more unique if left in mint condition, as the “old boat” it is.

Old boats can also make for a complete outdoor furniture set, with perhaps some varnish added on the inside.

Old car seats

Old car seats work best as some unique furniture for man-caves, but they can work just as well to make for some unique garden furniture. Leather seats from some of the older car models probably work best, because of the durability that comes with their thick, genuine leather. They also typically take the form of a bench-like chair, so there’s more space to seat more people on just one seat.

An old car wreck

If you already have an old boat then it might be pushing it a bit to use an old car wreck as well, as your backyard might start to look like a scrap yard or a park. Depending on where you live, these suggested items and structures for unique garden furniture pieces should have you exercising some caution, watching out for snakes and other crawlers that might find refuge in their nooks and crannies.

Otherwise, an old car wreck does indeed make for a great outdoor furniture set, with its various surfaces to be treated and made safe, of course. File down sharp corners and break off any rusty bits that are sharp as well.

A hammock

If you can make it a traditional hammock then that’s the route you should take. Otherwise, there are some hammock designs specifically designed for domestic garden spaces that don’t have the kind of tree arrangements to be set up in the usual way.

Guests can enjoy hammocks with you as some unique outdoor furniture.


Swings can be one of the center points of your outdoor furniture setup. Having an item of modern outdoor furniture such as a good patio swing with a canopy for shade during summers can ramp up your outdoor ambiance. You can take things back to your childhood with some swings and even complete jungle gyms as some surprisingly magnetic unique outdoor furniture pieces!

Teak wood pieces

While there are indeed some great deals in some high-quality outdoor furniture to be had, the teak wood pieces you’d naturally settle for would then be used to complement the other structures and items identified as possible unique garden furniture pieces. You don’t even have to stick to commercially minted designs as the most reputable of teak wood outdoor furniture specialists offer a range of bespoke pieces.

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