UK Parliament Suggests Ban On Daytime TV Gambling Ads

According to new figures released by the Gambling Commission, online gambling is a thriving industry that accounts for 33% of the total gambling that takes place in Britain. That really comes as no surprise considering many Britons search online for some of the newest uk casino bonuses available to them. Between April 2015 and March 2016, online gambling operators in Britain produced a Gross Gambling Yield of 4.5billion. Because of this, online gambling is officially the biggest gambling sector in the region of Great Britain. During the same period of time, the National Lottery generated 3.4billion. This should put into perspective just how much of a booming industry the online gambling sector is. Out of the total 4.5billion from online gambling, 2.6billion was from UK online casino games.

Meanwhile, 1.6billion was from online betting. A further 152million was from the betting exchanges. 153million was from online bingo and 26million was from online betting on pool games. Finally, online slot machines generated 1.8billion on their own. With such a booming industry online, there is a surge in new online gambling platforms. As a result, there is an increase in marketing and advertising. This is simply due to an increase in competition. The problem we are facing is that there are too many online gambling advertisements available to children. Advertising on daytime television is inevitably going to broadcast to children and underage members of the public. Because of this, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Gambling-Related Harm (APPG) has requested that UK television channels like ITV and Channel 5 end daytime advertisements for online gambling companies. This is surprising as well, considering that this would be apparent to advertisers, that their target audience as these times is the least likely people to be interested in gambling. Or of course, they have used this as a time where those who can be swayed into gambling, are at their most vulnerable whether they might be unemployed, or on a day off, or on annual leave, etc. This kind of information can be found with sites like Samba TV who enable access to TV viewership data.

Gambling is an increasingly popular activity for adults across the world. When it comes to online gambling, there is a high risk of irresponsible behaviour. Also, underage gambling is a primary cause for concern. Because of this, the Gambling Commission is in place to protect players and regulate the industry. Primarily, this is to protect players and to make sure gambling companies meet strict licensing requirements.

Who Regulates the UK Online Gambling Sector

Online gambling sites need to acquire relevant licenses in order to operate within specific regions. In the UK, the market is very safe for players. This is thanks to the Gambling Act of 2005. When it comes to the choices available to UK players, there is a very wide range of options. Thanks to the well-regulated market, there is a healthy selection of licensed online casino UK sites, sportsbooks, bingo sites and online poker rooms. The regulations within the UK gambling industry date back to 1960.

In 1960, the UK passed a somewhat limiting law named the Betting and Gaming Act. Since then, the rules have been considerably relaxed. The Gambling Act of 2005 and the alteration performed in 2014 eased the rules considerably. As a result, foreign operators can operate within the UK market. The alteration to the 20005 Gambling Act in 2014 lead to the licensing and regulation of many kinds of gambling.

Under the Gabmling Act of 2005, the UK Government founded the UK Gambling Commission. The primary purpose of the commission is to regulate commercial gambling that takes place in the country. In addition to commercial gambling, the Gambling Commission also manages the National Lottery. They manage this as per the terms of the National Lottery Act of 1993. In 2014, the government passed the Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act into law. This now makes it illegal for any operator of an online casino UK to advertise to any British resident without initially acquiring an official license from the Gambling Commission.

Here are the main purposes of the Gambling Commission:

  • Protect vulnerable groups including people that are underage
  • Keep disorder and crime out of the UK gambling industry
  • Guarantee that gambling services are fair and transparent

The APPG Approach Major TV Channels

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Gambling-Related Harm (APPG) is urging television channels in the UK to end daytime TV gambling advertisements. The group has approached the major UK television channels like ITV and Channel 5. Basically, they are urging them to call a stop to the sponsorship of daytime TV programmes by gambling operators.

Within the reports given to UK television channels including ITV and Channel 5, the APPG shared that they are very concerned about the sponsorships by gambling operators. In the letters, they have highlighted some key examples. For example, the popular soap opera “Neighbours” that appears on Channel 5 is currently being sponsored by the gambling operator Entain. Because of this sponsorship, British citizens are seeing Gala Bingo advertisements on their television during daytime hours.

The claims made by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Gambling-Related Harm state that gambling operators are presenting online gambling in a deceiving manner that makes online gambling appear to be more glamorous than it is in reality. According to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Gambling-Related Harm, operators are using this strategy to target women and young people.

Members of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Gambling-Related Harm are concerned that television companies in the UK like ITV and Channel 5 are actively urging people to gamble online. As a result, this has the potential to result in devastation and harm to peoples lives. The main focus of the APPG is to protect people and reduce the harm caused by online gambling. The group has highlighted that vulnerable groups and underage individuals are much more likely to be exposed to online gambling advertisements during a daytime television broadcast. Thanks to the Gambling Commission and groups like the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Gambling-Related Harm keeping the online casino UK industry a safe place for everyone, it is safer than ever before to visit an online casino in the UK.

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