The Touchy Subject of Circumcision

Here at MOTIVATIONALS we have an impressively large audience spanning the entire globe and that’s no mean feat, even if I have to say so myself! So in our discussion of some very specific topics, sometimes the finest details don’t quite apply to other readers in other corners of the world, but I always try to incorporate some sort of bigger-picture lesson to be learned, irrespective.

Sometimes it’s simply a matter of some nuances making for some of those finer details which change ever so slightly or significantly as the topic is received across different geographic regions, borders (both natural and political), belief systems and any other variable factor. So in our discussion of something like the rather touchy subject of circumcision, keep in mind that the idea is never to offend or to bash anybody’s beliefs.

So let’s get right into it, shall we?

Circumcision from a modern day Brit’s point of view

When it comes to the issue of circumcision from the point of view of Brit living in the modern day world, things get a little sketchy because when one comes to think of it, not much seems to have changed over the centuries. Generally it appears as if in the U.K. and I suppose on the continent of Europe proper, the practice of circumcision isn’t one which is widely practiced. It doesn’t form part of our customary norms and in fact if a man decides to get the snip it’s usually for some specific medical reasons or they’ve been sold on its benefits.

Either that or the man in question might have fallen victim to the beliefs of their parents, which would undeniably be unusual for the entire European region and they were taken in to get the snip at a very young age.

The influence of religion

The religious tradition of circumcision dates back a long time. Theologians would be able to tell you that the concept of circumcision occurs for the first time in the Bible in Genesis 17:10. In this verse, God tells Abraham that he and his descendants were to be circumcised. God first instituted circumcision when he made an everlasting covenant with Abraham. While it is not something that is mandated anymore, many Christians across the world continue to adhere to it, and those interested in the topic may seek out additional Church Resources to help guide them toward establishing their opinion regarding this.

The reason why I said things get a bit sketchy is that if you think about the emergence and championing of Christianity in particular, the fact that there is a King James version of the Bible would suggest that the UK is a very religious region. As a result, you would think that more Brits would practice customs that are associated with the Christian religion, such as circumcision in particular, but they don’t do they?

So there are naturally many people within the UK and Europe who practice circumcision as a custom driven by their religious beliefs, but it gets more prevalent as you move further away from the borders which come together to outline the European region.

Arguments for and against it

At the risk of offending many readers, some religious institutions are indeed maintained just so that they can keep perpetuating a money-making system, of which the beliefs around the benefits of circumcision are party.

All I can say is that it should be a personal choice, to be made once you’ve grown up and you’re an adult who has at least had some sexual experiences. If you do decide to hang onto it, then keeping it clean is just a matter of the personal hygiene routine that’s generally encouraged.

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