The Connection Between Nutrition, Probiotics, and Hair Loss

Probiotics have long been praised in the health and wellness industry because of its claim to have various health benefits. The Since there is a strong link between nutrition, gut health, and the hairline, it begs the question if probiotics can also impact hair growth. Today we’re covering the basics of probiotics and how they work with your gut, to answer the question, can probiotics regrow my hair?

Probiotics, Explained

Before we dive into the role of probiotics and hair loss it’s important to uncover a few myths about probiotics and bacteria.

When we typically think about bacteria, we think of microscopic single-celled organisms that make us sick! Bacteria has often gotten a bad wrap; however, there are so many types of bacteria. Our bodies have more than a billion different varieties of bacteria, hard at work! We have a mixture of the “good kind” of bacteria that promotes health and wellness, and the “bad kind” of bacteria.

Probiotics are the “good” kind of bacteria. Their name literally means “for life,” proving how necessary they are for humans to survive and thrive. Their main job is making sure the bad bacteria don’t run rampant and cause a wide range of health complications, including premature hair loss, temporary or permanent balding. You may want to check out these bio x4 reviews to see how this wellness product could work towards improving health, wellness, and probiotic intake.

The Nutrition and Hair Loss Connection

We have billions of bacteria hidden within our gut. Factors like our diet, lifestyle, and nutrition choices can cause our gut bacteria levels to fluctuate. Whenever our gut bacteria gets angry, we can experience physiological changes; ranging from diarrhea, eczema, weight loss and hair loss. Probiotics replenish the balance of gut bacteria and can virtually save your hairline.

There’s a strong connection between your gut health and your immune system. A healthy gut tends to mean a well-functioning immune system. Our hair follicles are technically a part of the immune system. When your gut bacteria levels are not balanced you can develop a leaky gut and allow large particles of undigested food to leach into the bloodstream and cause inflammation throughout the body; especially in the scalp.

What are the Best Probiotics for Hair Health

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Bifidobacterium animalis
  • Escherichia coli
  • Bacillus subtilis

How to Naturally Get More Probiotics

Most adults don’t know where to find probiotics in their local grocery store. Many choose to stop by their local pharmacy for supplements whilst others would prefer to look online and purchase capsules filled with sbo probiotics. But did you know that you can also find them in certain food sources, and eating these will increase your probiotic intake as well as help to restore your hairline?

Probiotics tend to live in fermented foods like

  • Buttermilk
  • Yogurt
  • Sauerkraut
  • Kefir

Introducing probiotics into your daily diet doesn’t have to be hard. You can add a tasty swap during breakfast, like adding yogurt to your granola, or a glass of Kefir with fruit on your lunch break. All it takes are a few servings of probiotic-rich foods every week for them to benefit your gut, hair, and scalp.

What are my other options?

When it comes to hair restoration, nutrition does play a pivotal role growing and maintaining healthy hair. Fortunately, researchers are still learning about the causes of hair loss and are constantly designing more effective solutions. If you’re not convinced that adding probiotics to your diet will stop thinning and premature shedding, there are other choices.

In fact, laser caps are among the most effective solutions for regrowing hair and stimulating follicle restoration on the market. It’s a convenient approach to hair growth that doesn’t require you to change your diet or spend time and money looking for expensive probiotics. Other treatments in the same vein are neograft hair restoration as this may be a better choice for people, however, this must be discussed thoroughly first with a professional to see which one would suit you better.

Laser hair caps have been proven to

  • Reverse postpartum hair loss
  • Thicken hair follicles and strands
  • Restore balding and thinning

Laser hair caps have helped millions of men and women across the country look and feel like themselves again when they look in the mirror.

Are Probiotics Worth the Hype?

It’s no secret that probiotics are filled with excellent benefits that virtually “supercharge” your health and wellness journey. They are designed to promote a healthy and happy gut by balancing the bacteria living in your digestive system. There are more than enough studies proving that probiotics can help adults drop excess weight, improve their digestive health, and boost their immune system.

While probiotics have so many incredible health benefits, including maintaining healthy hair and reversing thinning due to malnutrition or malabsorption, they aren’t necessarily the best choice for adults struggling with hair loss. Laser hair caps are actually FDA cleared devices that target hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia (pattern baldness).

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