The Advantages of Global Citizenship

There are certain individuals and groups of individuals for whom the various visa and immigration laws don’t seem to apply and I guess we can refer to these people as having global citizenship. Global citizenship isn’t an official status one can claim to have, but the way in which you are handled as a traveller can either have you living out your life as somewhat of the commoner most of us in the world are, or effectively as global citizenship, to which there are many advantages. Not everyone can be a global traveller forever, you have to settle down sometime and our ancestors moved all over to find their place. So maybe you want to recreate that. If you do and you are looking to see where some of your family ended up or where they came from then you may want to utilize a resource like this website to see how you can get the assistance that you need. Traveling may just be in your blood so it is worth finding out.

Imagine if you held the status of someone like Bill Gates, this in reference to both the size of his bank account and the authority associated with his person. If you woke up this morning feeling like you might want to visit Egypt, Libya, Somalia, some of the remotest islands of Fiji, etc, what would stop you?

Absolutely nothing would stop you and you can jump on your jet and make your way to any one of those destinations while the customs and immigration officials work in the background to process your clearance to visit a lot quicker than what is afforded the average person. Being a rich and famous person is one way of benefitting from the advantages of global citizenship, but it’s also perhaps the most difficult way through which to acquire this unofficial status.

There are a few different ways to acquire global citizenship though.

Different ways of acquiring “global citizenship”

Permanent residence

The general trick to moving closer to being a global citizen is being able to prove that you have the means to support yourself wherever you go, so something like getting permanent residence in another country perhaps does that best. It ALWAYS makes for a plus in any visa application process to be able to say that you have permanent residence somewhere other than your country.

Dual citizenship

Going one-up on permanent residence is getting dual citizenship, which effectively means you’ve legally bought a passport to what is admittedly a tax-haven type location. Either way, that usually comes with a stronger passport, which likely complements your existing one from your home country.

Qualifications and credentials

In some countries getting clearance to visit is made easier by the possession of certain skills and credentials which suggest that should you ever stay in that country, you’d be adding value and not taking any away from it, but it mostly means that you have ties to your home country.

Using your exceptional talent

This is admittedly one of the trickier ways of effectively landing yourself global citizenship, because you have to be able to demonstrate some kind of globally recognised track record in proving your exceptionalism associated with that unique talent you possess. For example, a professional footballer who has played for an English Premier League team has no problem getting granted entry into pretty much any country, even if their home country is on some kind of list of generally undesirable travellers who otherwise have to jump through many hoops just to get approved for a visa.

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