The 32-Day Productivity Terrace

I’m now going to share one of the most powerful life-hacks which has certainly worked for me personally in helping me get over my procrastination tendencies. Although that is indeed what it was initially intended for, helping me get over my incessant propensity to put off doing things until the very last minute, the results transcended the exorcism of the procrastination bug.

I was in for some immense personal growth and development and developed a new habit can only go down as being immeasurably constructive.

So in focus today is the 32-day productivity terrace, which as suggested is primarily designed to help those of us who have a tendency to procrastinate break through the barriers which enable us to do so. Try it out and give it your all and you’ll start to see results in so many more areas of your life which go beyond putting your procrastination demons to bed, once and for all…


So how the 32-day productivity terrace works is simple really. For an uninterrupted period of 32 days, you are going to diligently work on something which you’ve either been meaning to get off the ground, make more meaningful headway with or finish off. So this can be anything, really, such as an assignment, a project, some artwork, a software application, etc.

Prior planning

So you’re not going to start planning which project you want to tackle over the upcoming 32-day period on the first of those 32 days. If you do that then you’re already setting yourself up for failure and frankly you’re pretty much missing the point of this whole exercise completely. We need to be real with ourselves first if we’re ever going to break through some barriers in our lives which we know in any case are hindering us.

So for about two or three days, or by a two days before the date you’ve set aside for the commencement of the terrace, go through some kind of trial run. For example, if you’ve decided to dedicate three hours per day on some coding work which you need to get through for a project you might have been working on for a while, simulate this before starting the 32-day productivity terrace so that you can get an honest feel for the amount of work you can get done within that time and the amount of work which will constitute the kind of productivity you’d honestly be proud of.

Once again, we need to be real with ourselves…

One day before it starts then you can give yourself a 24-hour break, then it’s ALL SYSTEMS GO!

Running the marathon

The ideas behind the 32-productivity terrace is that for the time you’ve designated to knocking out some serious work in a targeted area, is that come what may, you’re going to make sure to get through that requisite work and the diligence needs to be maintained for 32 days, uninterrupted.

You’ll surprise yourself just how much time you’ve been wasting before, when all you really needed was some kind of consistent focus.

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