Quitting Smoking – How E Cigarettes Can Help

Is no news that smoking is bad for us, but like many unhealthy habits it can be very difficult to quit. Thankfully, there are many stop smoking aids available as well as plenty of support for people who do want to make the change. But without the right help and information, you may be left feeling more overwhelmed than encouraged. In this article we take a look at one of the most common and effective ways to stop smoking to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Are E cigarettes Safer than Smoking?

Although research into the safety of e cigarettes is still ongoing, the short answer is yes. Two of the most harmful substances within cigarettes are tar and carbon monoxide, which e cigarettes do not contain. E cigarettes do however contain other potentially harmful chemicals yet at much lower levels than cigarettes.

Are E Cigarettes Addictive?

E cigarettes can be addictive, just like cigarettes, however the nicotine concentration you choose to vape is up to you. Both e cigarettes and cigarettes contain nicotine. Nicotine, while addictive is relatively harmless. E cigarettes use liquid, not tobacco which is turned into vapour within the device, not smoke. E liquid can be bought various nicotine concentrations including nicotine free. This allows vapers to gradually reduce their nicotine concentration and eventually quit both vaping and smoking altogether if they choose.

Is Vaping Risk Free?

Vaping does not come without risks of its own, however we do know that vaping exposes us to far less toxins than cigarettes which we know to be very harmful. Cases of lung injuries and deaths associated with vaping have been predominantly linked to the use of ‘black market’ e liquids and modified vaping devices. E liquids sold in the UK are tightly monitored and must adhere to strict regulations. Risks associated with vaping can be greatly reduced by choosing e cigarettes and e liquids by buying from UK vape companies. Be wary when buying e liquid and vaping devices online. Choose a company with a bricks and mortar store as well as an online presence if possible and never buy from a company without an address, contact number or email address.

Will E Cigarettes Actually Help Me Stop Smoking?

E Cigarettes can be very effective at helping smokers to quit. Many have used e cigarettes to wean themselves off harmful tobacco products successfully. Some smokers may find e cigarettes enough on their own whereas others may need additional support or the help of another device altogether.

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