Putting Your Personal Development Progress into Perspective

In today’s post we’re going to perhaps touch a nerve which might be a bit sensitive, but this is a very necessary exercise because in order for the actualisation of positive personal growth and development, we have to ask the difficult questions and stick our masseur / masseuse paws where the pain originates! So I’ll be covering personal development and the progress which for which some perspective is required.

If you take an honest look at where you are in your life right now, is it the way you wanted it to be a mere five years ago or perhaps even ten years ago? What about when you were a kid? I know not everybody had the luxury, foresight or instruction to write a “letter to your thirty-year-old self” when you were twelve years old, but surely there must have been some kind of vision for the future which manifested?

You don’t even need to remember any of the details, but you must have had dreams that are much bigger than the reality you’re currently living, right?

And sure has hell, they were probably some dreams which many people would deem to be unrealistic, but you still had them nevertheless…

So what happened?

What happened is you find yourself in a world and a time wherein you’ve been sold a reality of mediocrity and Puritanism – world where your uniqueness along with everybody else’s is stifled in the name of reality. If you do indeed have your life sorted, in the sense that you wake up in the morning and you decide what you’re going to do instead of that being decided by your employer’s pursuit of monetary wealth – if that is your reality, the only reason you’re reading this particular post right now is because you’ve been an avid follower of the blog from since before the day you finally “made it!”

Now, it’s time to break out of the status quo mould and realise that you can simply fly straight out of the pigeon holes society has constructed for you!

If you think about society as a whole, how far and long have we collectively progressed in any case? This is a question directed particularly at those who fear that they’ve been “left behind” by their peers, i.e. you might not have the 2.5 kids to complete the typical nuclear family structure, the shiny latest-model car which you wash every Sunday, a retirement plan that someone promises you is growing nicely, etc…

Don’t get me wrong; these are element of life which can bring a lot of fulfilment with them, but think back to your twelve-year-old self in putting your personal development goals into perspective. If that twelve-year-old self is not happy with what he or she sees when they look into the future, it’s time to re-evaluate the trajectory of your life. Making a change to fall more in line with your original vision is no way sold to be something that’s going to be easy, but then again when has greatness ever been achieved under the easiest of circumstances?!

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