Paddleboarding accessories that are worth investing in

Paddle boarding is a wonderful sport, and there are a number of essential things you need to have such as the paddleboard itself and some paddles to take part. However, below that essential band, there is a wave of wonderful accessories that can provide you with an extra layer of comfort or safety to your paddle boarding experience and that are definitely worth considering if you are committed to doing paddleboarding on a regular basis.

Paddle board carrier

Even with more portable inflatable paddle boards, they can be difficult to carry to the water. Something which makes them more transportable is a SUP carry strap, which connects to the board and can then be more easily carried.  

Dry bag

Whilst this is technically an accessory, it is in many ways an essential. A dry bag allows you to bring your valuable possessions with you on the water without fear of them getting water damaged. They are lightweight so don’t dramatically change how you paddle. Some attach to your body, and others you can strap to the board. They are perfect for keeping things such as your phone, car keys, some food and a set of spare clothes in for your trip.

Kayak seat

Paddleboards are often known as SUP’s, which stands for Stand Up Boards, but there are often times when you just want to relax and take in the wonderful views you are paddling through. Sitting down on the board though for long periods can actually strain your back though. Something that allows you to both enjoy the versatility of a stand up paddleboard, and sit down when you want to is a strap-in kayak seat. 

Waterproof phone case

Paddling with a phone is definitely recommended, as it will allow you to contact someone for help if you end up struggling or in trouble. However there is obviously a risk of losing your phone or getting water damaged when paddleboarding. Something that negates this risk and will keep your phone both secure and waterproof, is a waterproof phone case. This will allow you to strap your phone around your neck by a lanyard, or slide it into a pouch within your lifejacket.


Whilst paddleboarding is a sport, it’s also a wonderful way to relax and have some fun with friends. A sure way to have a fun time is to explore a great location with your fellow adventurers, then enjoy some ice cold drinks with them. A great way to keep your drinks secure and cold is getting a cooler than can attach to your board. You can secure them under the bungee straps that come on most paddle boards. You can find these in a number of places, and they are definitely worth buying.

Paddle float

Finally, something that is an accessory, but is definitely more of a safety feature than some other accessories like the cooler; a paddle float attaches to your paddle and keeps it safe from sinking into the water if it falls out of your hand at any point. It can be a lifesaver, and stop you being stranded on the open sea.

Hopefully you find this list of accessories helpful on your journey into the world of paddle boarding.

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