How to Start Living Your Best Life Ever

I found myself sitting in an obscure but very good restaurant in a Southeast Asian country that shall not be named, when I realised just how much of a shallow life we’re pretty much all made to chase. As part of that generally shallow life, living one’s best life ever typically invokes those music videos which like those corny social media “stories” showing off just how perfect everybody’s lives are.

So as usual, I put a lot of thought into this particular post about what it means to live your best life ever and how you can go about actually living it! The upcoming four pointers which form part of the blueprint to living your best life will also help you discover exactly what elements will come together to authentically make for what constitutes YOUR best life as the unique individual you are.

Change the way you consume and use social media

Social media can be a source for some unnecessary depression to have to suffer, because as we probably all know, most people are really just pretending to be on some kind of reality TV show with their Facebook posts and such. People only really post their highlights reels, like how some backpackers will only stay one or two nights at a luxury resort or hotel and then pretend that that’s where they stayed for the duration of their week-long trip, when in reality they supplemented that with some backpacking.

There’s nothing wrong with backpacking and in fact I encourage it, but the point is social media shouldn’t really make for a source of inspiration as somewhat of a barometer for where you should be in your life and for how your life should be.

Change the way you consume and use social media, such as perhaps running your own page which features inspirational quotes or running a business page. It doesn’t hurt to join in on fun discussion or laugh at some good memes, but there should be a limit to how you allow social media to impact what your definition of the ideal life for you is.

Work towards a major life goal every single day

With all the time you now have from subsequently spending less time wasting hours on end on social media, you can now redirect that time to pursuing a major life goal that you’ve had for as long as you can remember. Just make some progress, even if it’s very little progress on a daily basis. If you need some guidance on this, you can always consult with a psychic or tarot reader who can offer some accurate readings about your goals. You may think it’s far-fetched, but many people will do something like this to figure out their path.

Never stop learning about yourself

While you explore these new avenues of pursuing your major lifelong goal or set of goals, you might just discover your real purpose along with what really makes you tick. Whether it’s something such as reading turning into a love for writing yourself, or you might discover that you enjoy meeting new people from all over the world as a benefit of travelling, for instance, as opposed to posing for Insta-perfect pictures that eat into the time you spend away.

Take a break from passive motivational media

Finally, as is what MOTIVATIONALS is all about, dedicate a considerable amount of time to a period over which you won’t be entertaining motivation that is consumed passively, rather electing to implement what you read, watch, hear and learn by way of motivational material.

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