How to make sure your home is waterproof for the winter

With winter fast approaching us and the United States and the UK already experiencing a very high level of rainfall now is the optimum time to make those maintenance improvements to your home that will keep you dry. Adding timber cladding to an extension or new build is a great way to help protect the inner section of the home from the elements. Here are some of the best ways to get your home ready for the winter. Please note at this point that not all roofs of commercial buildings can be secured in the same way. If this is causing you some concern, it might be wise to contact one of the many Denver commercial roofing contractors operating across the city.

  • Ensure the cladding of your home is in good condition

When it comes to the external cladding of your home, it is crucial to make sure it is waterproof to avoid damp on the inner walls of the home. For those with timber cladding, the right treatment is essential. Wood preserver and protection oil will help prevent the chance of rain damage reducing the useful life of your timber cladding.

  • Make sure the roof is waterproofed and in good condition

Once you have got your timber cladding sorted it is time to take a look at the roof of your home. Analyse the tiles, are they damaged and chipped? If so they will need to be replaced (if you’re in North Carolina, you could visit Carolina Home Specialists and see if they would be able to help with any repair work needed). Failure to do so could lead to extensive leaks in your home which will cause expensive damp.

  • Keep the garden tidy before the cold truly sets in

One way to reduce your workload before the winter begins is to get your garden up together before the start of winter. Make sure your hedges are trimmed and the grass cut so you don’t have to spend as much time doing it in the cold. In addition to this we also recommend cleaning out your gutters. This will ensure your roof is properly drained in the event of heavy rain.

  • For any structural work, get the best materials available

Any structural work for your home needs to be completed to the highest standards. With this considered when getting supplies for your timber cladding and roof make sure you go with a supplier who is well-reviewed with a track record of delivering excellent products to customers.

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