How to get the most out of your leg compression boots

Whether you are a top athlete (although you will probably know about this already) or a casual gym goer looking to get into their fitness a bit more, it may be worth spending some time thinking about your recovery or even how you warm up before each session. It can often be overlooked, with more focus on the workout or training itself to build up muscle whereas the muscles actually grow whilst you recover not when you are working out! Especially now with the fitness industry mostly back up and running after being shut for the best part of 18 months since the pandemic hit, you may now be back into full flow with your training routine. You may have even considered purchasing leg compression boots, which have arisen in recent times focusing on not only speeding up the recovery process but also warming up muscles before training.

One example of this is the boots from Normatec who have patented technology which provides effective massage to the legs to help get the blood pumping! Offering superior performance over competitors as it combines a number of different massage techniques, it can be tailored to the individual down to how and when it is used. They can personalise depending on their needs and the length of time it is worn, which offers great benefits being able to tailor how the boots are used! This blog will look into how to get the most out of your leg compression boots, so keep on reading to find out more!

Be honest with yourself

When using Normatec boots, they have been designed in mind to help not only speed up recovery post-workout but also warm up muscles pre workout as well. Therefore it is down to the individual to decide how to best use them. For example they may get the full benefit of using it for both pre and post workout to get the muscles in best working order, or may focus more on the recovery side the Normatec boots have to offer. What is so great about them is they are paired to the app so you can personalise which setting and how long the boots are worn.

It is down to the individual to research which is best for them based on what experts have to say or those at Normatec advice depending on the workout. There are hundreds of workouts out there and depending on your own personal training plan or sport you play or compete in, this will affect what recovery is best for you. Depending on factors such as length of workout and the intensity. For example a high intensity workout may require Normatec boots to be worn for a longer amount of time to get the most out of them.

Normatec boots have been designed to be compact, lightweight and easy to use, so you can customise how and where you do your recovery or warm up. Especially useful for the latter if you do not have the access to somewhere like a home gym and have to travel to the location, you can take Normatec boots with you to start nearer your workout location or training area.

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