How to choose the correct sunscreen for your skin type

It is the summertime, and the weather is finally breaking. The sun is shining, the barbeque is running hot, and we dream of those days when pale isn’t interesting. Before you throw down that towel and purchase your trash reading, it is essential to slap on the sunscreen – no matter how much we yearn for the tan. Taking care of your skin is incredibly important, especially in summer when the heat is beating down. Your skin needs to be protected, so not only is having a spa facial denver a good route to go down, but slapping on that sunscreen is certainly an important part of your skincare regime.

In the 1980s, around the time of Miami Vice and Hawaiian shirts, there was a trend for bronzing oil. We would literally bathe ourselves in cooking oil and set ourselves out to grill. With the horrendous consequences of skin cancers, we became more aware of the dangers of overexposure to UV rays. Making sure you regularly reapply sunscreen became the most sensible thing to do.

And yet

Despite everything we know about skin cancers, not to mention the ageing effect of the sun on the skin, we are still sometimes reluctant to apply creams. With the nasty white glow sunscreen can give, those sticky blotches and the high chance of a breakout in spots, some people choose to go unprotected.

While we hear your woes, we have to stress the damage caused by overexposure to the sun. Here, we want to show you that you can be protected and help your skin. With the correct sunscreen for your skin type, you can moisturise and condition your face while blocking the UV rays that can cause such harm.

Here we offer some product recommendations to help you choose the right sunscreen for your skin type.

Sensitive and damaged skin

When you have sensitive or damaged skin, certain sunscreens can result in stinging or burning sensations when applied. In such situations, it is recommended to prioritize the healing of your skin and avoid excessive use of sunscreen. To facilitate skin healing, it is advisable to seek treatment at a reputable cosmetic clinic that offers laser skin resurfacing in Westlake, OH (or a location convenient to you). This procedure can be particularly beneficial if your skin has been damaged by acne or excessive sunburn. Following the cosmetic treatment, it is important to allow your skin ample time to heal before applying an appropriate sunscreen.

As an alternative, it is also a great idea to invest in fragrance-free, simple products that protect and moisturise and nourish the skin, leaving it feeling better than before.

Oily skin

Adding a gloopy product to oily skin leaves you with a shine that would impress the drill sergeant. It can feel like there is nothing you can do to avoid this (save going without and getting burned) but, in fact, there is now oil-free, matte sunscreen to help you out. This stuff is formulated so that you can be repeated, but also reduce the shine and oiliness your typical drugstore sunscreen can leave you with.

If you are worried about the breakout of spots that comes with adding cream to oily skin, then you might instead want to purchase those filled with antioxidant goodness. These ingredients work hard to tend to the problems in the skin that cause the spots in the first place.

Tattooed skin

When you first have a tattoo, you should cover up and not apply cream or expose it to the sun. Your skin is healing and can be prone to infections and irritations. Therefore, you need to wait between four and six weeks for the skin to heal before doing any sort of sun-worshipping.

The significant concern for those with tattoos is the chance that the ink will fade over time due to creams. It is also true that overexposure to the sun has the same effect. Every person with a tattoo wants that ink to zing without the need for a touch-up.

The best option for those with tattoos is a specialist sun protection product for tattoo protection. As well as effectively screening UV rays, it will protect your artwork.

Dull and dry skin

When you have dull, dry skin, you cannot wait to inject some life into it by bathing yourself in the sunshine. However, without hydration and exfoliation, the sun will only make the problems of this sun type worse. Applying any sunscreen will help brush away the dead cells that are causing the dullness. If you choose sunscreen that is boosted with moisturisers, you can also deal with issues of dryness while protecting your skin. However, if you are looking for immediate relief from sunburn, look for organic oils such as Mota Green Cream. Such high-quality creams have a unique blend of specific CBD and THC isolates and organic oils that can considerably help with dry skin. You can buy CBD topicals online or from a local dispensary store that has them.


We would never let our children out into the world without sunscreen, as we understand how important it is to protect our skin. Now, sunscreens are perfectly designed to counter problem skin; there is no need to resist slapping on the cream.

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