How the hypervolt massage gun helps alleviate muscle soreness

There are proven benefits to the use of massage guns to help with muscle soreness. Hypervolt  has 3 models which are available for any athletes out there seeking relief from any soreness after exercise. Applied to the chosen area of the body targeting those specific muscle groups which have been thoroughly put through the rounds!

Whilst massage guns in general all serve a similar purpose/benefits, the Hypervolt models, specifically the original, has patented technology through its pressure sensors providing further relief from others on offer in the market. So how does it work with muscle soreness in helping it go away? This blog will go into detail about the Hypervolt massage gun and its uses so keep on reading!

  • Design

The Hypervolt massage guns have been designed with simplicity in mind for the user so it’s easy to use especially post workout. It comes with various attachments to help alleviate those sore muscles. For example the flat attachment is perfect for the shoulder blade area, as it’s precisely engineered for smaller surface area but can also be used for areas with dense muscle groups. Alternatively, Hypervolt has the common bullet head attachment which targets smaller muscle groups and pinpoints muscle treatment such as the feet and hands. The different attachments have been designed in mind for different muscle groups, and with the percussion technology, massage the area of the body to help with recovery.

Hypervolt massage guns have a single button operation for when you want to use the gun, and a variety of 3 speeds so you can vary your recovery based on how you’re feeling with muscle soreness. Hypervolt have designed the massage guns similar to the other products available on the market, to be effective in increasing blood flow which shuttles nutrients into the muscle while also removing blood that may have pooled in the muscles. Using a Hypervolt massage gun directly after a workout can help remove the waste products in the body which are associated with the burning in the muscles.

  • Best ways to get the most out of the Hypervolt Massage Gun

The key with using the massage guns is not to overstimulate the muscle and have the reverse effect. For a large muscle group for example such as the quadriceps, experts advise that 1-2 minutes is plenty when using a massage gun such as the ones from Hypervolt. Overstimulating the muscle drives fluid into the muscle without allowing it to flow out again, so moderate use is definitely advised!


With the choice of 3 massage guns from Hypervolt, there’s plenty of options when it comes to helping your recovery especially when it comes to muscle soreness. The percussion technology helps shift the lactic acid and speed up your recovery faster, so what are you waiting for! If you’re an athlete this massage gun is a wise choice to help you overcome those hard times.

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