How Much Time Do You Waste Online?

For all the promise that came with the father of the internet resolving to keep the World Wide Web an open and free tool for the masses to enjoy the use of, the manner through which things have played out as far as its evolution demonstrate the sheer power of this beast that is the World Wide Web. The truth is for those who know exactly how to control the beast, the power contained in the internet can be used to great effect, for whatever it is you want.

I won’t get into great detail about how politicians are using it to shape rhetoric or how their supporters are subtly infiltrating the minds of the masses, etc. What I’ll rather discuss is something to do with the world’s information superhighway which perhaps affects you directly as an individual and so something which you can take immediate control of, that being just how much time you actually waste online.

If you’re one of those connected individuals who perhaps even has something like a selection of cloud storage accounts to synch up all the media across all your devices, you are probably no different to the person next to you, but what you have in common with that person is that you waste way too much time online. Here are some ways through which you can seize back control of the precious time you have from what can be the endless abyss of the World Wide Web…

Set specific times for your social media use

Social media can get really addictive, so much so that what’s really transpiring is a psychological battle between big media, backed by big advertising money to keep you addicted. It’s not your fault that you have a desire to compulsively log in to Facebook to re-read the status updates which have your circles responding in some or other way. The way to combat this growing addiction is to simply set specific times for your social media usage.

Don’t log in at all outside of those times. You will start to feel good in so many different ways, I promise you!

Make every session productive and worthwhile

This goes beyond the use of social media platforms. Yes, stimulating entertainment is definitely a good reason to jump online and come away from that session feeling like it was a worthwhile exercise, but otherwise cut out mindless browsing through looping “moment” videos of “fails” and other such mindless gags, along with the memes you’ve probably seen from about three or four other people already!

There is so much that you can learn from your use of the World Wide Web if you take the time to learn how to use it properly. Whether it’s learning a language or taking up an online course; even the more technical stuff like learning program development on Linux using guides on Linode (see their home page for more info) – the possibilities are endless!

Use one primary device to connect with

Seriously, use one device at home, such as a desktop computer or laptop to connect. Sure, your smartphone is probably a great connectivity tool for when you’re on the move, such as using it for navigation, but do you really need to log back into our Facebook using an app this time right after you’ve used your computer at home to do the same thing?

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