How green is the recycling process for making recycled paper bags?

With a big push towards recycling and greener energy, waste processing companies have started to see an increase in demand for their services. More and more products are now being made out of recycled materials including drinks bottles, clothing and increasingly paper bags. But how green is the process of making and distributing recycled paper bags? Keep reading to find out.

  • The collection is key when it comes to keeping carbon-intensity down

Most modern countries have introduced recycling collection processes with the help of dumpster rental companies. They have been optimized over time to try and keep the energy used in the production of recycled paper bags low. This can be seen in the UK and other European countries where large networks of recycling collection centers have been set up. Some companies even use dumpster Inventory Software to ensure that all the waste is being disposed of effectively. Keeping the process local will also reduce the amount of emission that have to be emitted to produce recycled paper bags.

  • The paper recycling process is better than producing paper from scratch

One of the criticisms that is often raised about recycling is the carbon-intensive process waste has to go through in order to be repurposed into new items. Whilst other materials require more work, recycled paper bags are a fairly easy product to make.

When the old paper is brought in it is beaten into a pulp with water. Foreign objects are then removed with chemicals and filters which also remove the ink that may be present in the paper. After this, the remaining water is taken to be reused.

The pulp leftover is then pressed and turned into recycled paper. This then goes onto make new products like recycled paper bags, paper sheets, letters and envelopes. All in all the recycling process requires around 60% less energy to produce recycled paper bags than it would be to create them from new.

  • Recycled paper bags should be sourced locally

Whilst turning waste products into recycled paper bags can help remove rubbish from landfills, steps should still be taken to meek the carbon emissions of the entire process low. One of the easiest ways to do this is to ensure waste and recycling processing centres are located locally to populated areas. This reduces the fuel and energy that needs to be expended to get the raw materials where they need to go.

Find a company that provides high-quality recycled paper bags

Many believe that due to the process they go through, recycled paper bags are somehow inferior to new products. However, as long as you go through an expert supplier, this will not be the case. Opting for recycled products is a good way to lower your businesses environmental impact.

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