Getting the best of Bristol’s arts scene through long term accommodation

You’ll be welcomed with arms wide open if Bristol is only really hitting your dome as a possible destination in which to enjoy an extensive experience of the arts. Better late than never, but how exactly do you get the best of Bristol’s vibrant and diverse arts scene?

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

The Bristol Museum & Art Gallery is the perfect place to start, undoubtedly featured prominently in any Bristol arts scene guide. Make sure to check on the operational dates and times, especially in light of recent public health concerns.

Otherwise pre-booking one or more of the many exhibitions is a sure-fire way to come away with a uniquely Bristol experience of the arts. If you can get a ticket, this can be a great day out when you venture out of your long term accommodation on the weekends.

Walking tours

You can go on guided or self-guided walking tours or perhaps even cycle if you must, but you should definitely go on some kind of local walking tour. Different types of the arts will reveal themselves to you in the process, such as the local flavour of fashion, how people speak (there are more than 15 words and phrases that make sense only to Bristolians), etc…

Unleash the inner-artist in yourself as well, with some great opportunities for uniquely Bristolian photography! If you stay in aesthetic long term accommodation you will also have several great photo opportunities to take.

Bristol street art scene

Walking tours will open you up to a world of different types of arts to enjoy, a special mention of which the street arts deserve. It boasts a nice range from edgy graffiti of all flavours to the architectural style of the buildings some of which this graffiti can be found on.

There’s something profound about artists who effectively give of themselves and share their talents freely in this way…


See just how diverse the Bristol arts scene is? If the only aspect of this local arts scene you came to enjoy takes the form of the festivals, you wouldn’t be alone and you’d be forgiven! Many of the festivals serve as a gateway into the greater arts and culture scene of the city, so if for instance, you’re in town for the Shakespeare Festival, you get a taste of the local arts beyond just the theatre itself.

The motion picture

No place screams “independent cinema” quite like Bristol, with Bristol designated as a UNESCO City of film! If you only have time to hit one indie cinema in these parts of the world, a favourite among locals is Watershed, boasting a reputation for hosting film events in addition to showing the best film art.

Where to stay

Whatever your taste of the arts, Bristol’s arts scene will have you indulging in the “crossover” property of many of the different forms of art. A single day is definitely not enough to get anything close to the complete experience, neither is a week or perhaps even a month.

Stay a bit longer as there is some great long-term accommodation available, seemingly made available on account of the growing need for people who visit to want to stay a lot longer. Bristol’s art scene is a multi-layered experience that even the locals can’t seem to get the full measure of!

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