Easy ways to decorate your student accommodation in Bristol

Moving away to university is a very exciting time, there is the chance to live in a new location, meet new people all whilst studying an interesting course. For those who are going to be starting university in Bristol, either at the University of Bristol or UWE, aside from the library (and potentially the student nightclubs) most of your time is going to be spent within your halls. Due to this, it can be a good idea to decorate your room and make your accommodation in Bristol feel a little bit more like home.

So what easy ways are there to decorate your new uni accommodation?


When moving into your new student accommodation, you’re going to want to make it feel as homely as possible to help you settle in well. If you had lots of decorative pillows and bed throws at your home, then it is a good idea to recreate this aesthetic in your new uni room. Although you don’t have to get replicas of the exact same bedding you have at home, using it as inspiration should help to make you feel at home in your new accommodation. You can get affordable deals online on bedding, duvets, quilts, and throws. If you brought your favorite quilt from home, you can get other things by coordinating the colors with it.


It is not unnatural to miss friends and family when you move away to university in Bristol, a quick and easy way to help you feel less homesick is to decorate your accommodation with photos of loved ones. Aside from helping you to remember happy times and settle into uni life more easily, photos can also quickly jazz up an empty wall. If you don’t have pre-printed polaroid pictures ready to put up, there are plenty of apps available such as FreePrints where you can choose photos straight from your camera roll to be delivered to your door. If you’re planning to stick photos directly to the walls be careful to use adhesives that won’t damage walls.


If you enjoy a bit of greenery here and there, plants can be a lovely addition to help elevate the appearance of your bristol accommodation. There are a number of studies that show having indoor plants can provide a number of psychological and physical benefits including a boost in focus and reduction in stress and anxiety. If you don’t think you can handle the responsibility of a high maintenance plant there are many easy to care for options which don’t mind if you forget to water them every now and again.


University accommodation is not usually known for being the most spacious and student accommodation in Bristol is no different! To keep your room looking well organised and presentable you might want to invest in some storage boxes. Nowadays you can get a great range of storage boxes, available in all shapes, sizes and colours meaning you can choose some that match the rest of your room’s aesthetics if it’s going to be visible.


Sometimes it is the little touches of a room that really have the biggest impact. By adding subtle touches such as candles or fairy lights you can really bring the best out of your university room. Items such as candles, or even a neon sign (from the likes of Neon Mama and similar companies) can also add an extra element as they can also provide smells which can help to bring the overall feel of a room together.

There are a variety of ways to decorate your student accommodation in Bristol, even on a budget. Use these tips to help to enhance the appearance of your room and give it a home from home feel.

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