Disremembering the Pinch of Salt

Say what you will about the multimillion dollar industry that exists in the form of self-development and motivation, but there’s definitely a place for it. Sure, there are a lot of self-proclaimed gurus, none of whom actually refer themselves as gurus, who pretty much just spew some hearsay and never really practice what they preach. They never really apply the principles they preach and mostly make their money through selling their motivational material.

It gets very interesting when we zone-in on all the different dynamics surrounding these types of people, because as much as there is indeed some bandwagon on which everybody who can spew some motivational hearsay is seeking to jump on and make a quick buck from, with the passage of time the real gets separated from the fake. The value starts rising to the top and some of the brightest-burning stars fizzle out and fade into the background, only with a ruined reputation…

Most motivational speakers, who identify as many different personas, such as orators, life coaches, professional coaches, etc, get into the field of motivation as somewhat of an easy way out and they could very well be talented in engaging crowds, copywriting perhaps, and selling, but they use those sales skills to sell their motivational material instead of demonstrating to the people they seek to coach how to use those skills in a manner which effectively has them teaching by example.

Then there are indeed those motivational speakers who do indeed have each one of their fingers in a different pie as far as real business ventures they’re pursuing, which often makes their stories that much more authentic because they come from a place of real-world experience. This is where a lot of the motivational gold lies, because these guys aren’t greedy and so you won’t be made to think that your own success is “high-ticket” spot on some seminar which they’re to hold.

These types of motivational speakers are happy to share some stories of some of their failures too and they just happen to be savvy business-minded individuals or unrelenting entrepreneurs who have the gift of the gab, which would have effectively been a real shame had they not incorporated motivational speaking into their ventures. I’m sure you have your own examples of some of these types of motivators, who resonate with you and light a fire unto your behind each time you perhaps listen to or watch them on the likes of YouTube.

What I’m ultimately getting at with this post though is that sometimes in order to get full value out of any motivational material you need to disremember the suggested pinch of salt which is otherwise said to be requisite in applying what you learn. For instance, a certain motivational speaker might have an idea for personal growth, development and profitability which they themselves are way too scared to try and implement, whereas you go on to realise some runaway success in your implementation of that very same idea!

It happens a lot more often than what you’d think!

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