Custom Diamond Wedding Ring Designs You Can Ask For

Choosing a wedding ring altogether is a tricky choice to make, it will last you the rest of your life after all! Some couples like big and bling, others like small and subtle, some active couples even like silicone wedding rings from companies like Groove Life! There is no end to the possibilities there are! However, choosing a diamond for your wedding ring is one of the most critical choices you will make. Diamonds are long-lasting and don’t go out of style. Diamonds look great with almost any ring design and for any type of occasion. People even tend to choose them as engagement rings for women and men. You will never have trouble wearing your diamond wedding ring wherever you go.

What are the different styles of diamond wedding rings you can choose from? Have you considered a diamond alternative such as these moissanite rings? How do you customize your wedding rings? What is the best type of wedding ring design perfect for you?

These are maybe some of the questions that are running through your head when choosing a wedding ring. One way of determining what design will fit you is if it will be timeless and if the ring design will bring you joy whenever you’re wearing it. Check out the different styles you can customize your diamond wedding ring below.

Make Your Wedding Day Extra Special With Customized Rings

What makes customized rings stand out from the rest is the personalization that goes into them. You will want your ring to symbolize your union with your partner. The type of gemstone you use as well as the style of the ring also matters a lot in the overall appeal.

  • Tension Style Wedding Rings

This is one of the most unique wedding ring styles you can find. The center diamond isn’t held by bezels, instead, it uses the tension between the metal bands. This gives the ring a more modern feel. It looks very simple but at the same time light and buoyant.

  • Double-Ended Arrow Wedding Rings

If you don’t want to go with the traditional circle style, this is the wedding ring option to go for. True to its name, double-ended wedding rings do not meet in the middle. Diamonds are set on both ends of the band while facing each end in an almost-complete circle. This ring style is very beautiful to look at and can be a conversation starter.

  • Criss Cross Wedding Rings

This has a sleek and modern looking wedding ring design. The ring forms a criss-cross pattern in the middle while highlighting the stones on it. The band looks very glamorous. If you like a minimalist design that has a touch of high class, then go for this style.

Finding the Best Wedding Ring Combination

These are some of the wedding ring styles you can consider. If you want to make your wedding ring memorable, you can always mix one or two options. This way you have a unique design that shows your creativity and personality. Be free when looking for better options.
There are plenty of unique wedding ring shapes to experiment with. Don’t be afraid to go for two-toned or brushed metals. Consider adding colorful gemstones or have etching or engraving on the ring. You can also get diamond engagement rings in Vancouver from Luxury Diamonds.

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