Crossover and similar exercises

Exercise requires sports equipment, whether it’s for the gym, or a social game like baseball or lacrosse, visit StringKing for some examples! In fact, a lot of people have a sport as a hobby and collect equipment and clothing for it. It can also be a social event like a club to go to in your personal time. However, a large number of people these days are part of gyms and find that the equipment there and exercises can work the required parts of their body. If the equipment is busy, then you can perform similar loads, but using other devices. Each simulator helps to pump a particular muscle group. We can talk for a long time about how to replace the flattening of arms in a crossover because the simulator works out different muscle groups of the arms and shoulders.

The crossover takes up a lot of space, because it consists of two racks with a weight and a special support that connects these blocks. The performance of the load is as follows: the weight is selected, a handle is taken in each hand and they are pulled together. Perform at home without a simulator such a load will not work.

But in the hall you can find many options that will help replace the simulator. As for the muscles that are pumped with the help of the exercise of mixing hands in a crossover, this is a whole atlas. The work involves the upper and middle bundle of the pectoralis major muscle and the anterior deltoid group.

Depending on the type of rack, other muscle groups may be included in the process. The elbow joint in the load with the right technique should not be involved.

Exercise options

To work out different muscle groups, you can perform a load both standing and sitting. For individual groups there is an option lying. The traction of the upper and lower blocks in the simulator can be performed with different tilts of the housing, which increases the load efficiency.

The flattening of the hands while lying in the crossover helps to work out the muscles of the chest, focuses on the upper part and muscles of the hands. Both experienced athletes and beginners can engage in the simulator. Proper technique, rhythm and breathing will help to achieve good results.

You can start the execution from a vertical stand, and already in the process of training to use different options. One simulator can comprehensively pump over various muscle groups.

Chest variations

To the question of how to replace the flattening of the arms in the crossover for active pumping of the muscles of the chest, several answers can be given. The most optimal option is a bench press with a barbell, because activity is shown here on the lower section of the pectoral muscles.

To achieve the effect, you need to do several approaches of 10-15 repetitions. The bench press with a barbell can also be replaced with a similar performance with dumbbells, thereby increasing the amplitude of movement. The vertical bench press helps to work out the upper chest and hurts the muscles of the shoulders.

The bench press with dumbbells is one of the best exercises for working out the pectoral muscles. It can be performed both in an upright position and with different slopes. Due to this, the muscles of the arms, forearm and back will be included in the process, and the muscles of the chest are also actively being worked out.

A good way than replacing the roll of arms in a crossover is to keep the dumbbells apart in the supine position. In terms of effectiveness, it resembles a crossover and a butterfly trainer, since it gives a directed load on the pectoral muscles.

Push-ups on parallel bars and regular push-ups help to make the oblique muscles embossed and strengthen them well, also here the load is distributed to the muscle groups nandrolone decanoate injection of the hands

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