Bristol Emerging as a Travel Bloggers’ Paradise

People whose burning desire to want to see as much of the world as the possibly can like visiting towns such as Bristol, with a preference for the short-term accommodation that’s on offer. Bristol, in particular, is emerging as somewhat of a travel bloggers paradise, with the upmarket suburb of Clifton taking the fancy of those travel bloggers who know a thing or two about sniffing out a good deal. Travel bloggers are always on the lookout for a great place to go, and if they are just starting out online then they want to make it memorable, that is why they will do what they can to get their name out there online through the use of such resources as the best site to buy Instagram likes or the best page for Facebook followers, and so on, so they can promote their traveling adventures.

This might come as a surprise for some people as Bristol probably isn’t what comes to mind when they think about travel bloggers. Typically, most people thinking about bloggers on the beaches of Thailand or sitting in one of the private available from, not rainy Bristol! Just what is it about Bristol, particularly Clifton, which appears to be attracting travel bloggers by the numbers?

Accommodation options

Travel bloggers, along with those who go on to add the travel vlogging dynamic to their travel documentation ways, typically don’t want to stay in the same place twice, taking the opportunity to perhaps add to their growing collection of content through completing reviews of each of the places they stay in. Bristol has plenty of accommodation options on offer, covering the full scope of how accommodation can be classified.

So you have hostels or backpackers’, many of which have private room options in house, guesthouses and B&Bs, traditional hotels (which it must be said aren’t all that popular among frequent travellers like travel bloggers), and serviced apartments. In the specific case of Clifton, Bristol, there’s a specific property which manages to keep travel bloggers for longer than what the average property manages, simply because of the different styled rooms available in the same villa.

These all have different decor styles on an individual level, but all of which decor styling falls within the same Victorian Era mirrored by the outside appearance of the property.

If you’re a travel blogger then it’ll make for a great adventure hunting this particular property. You won’t miss it if you conduct a few searches online, filtering the properties that come up with the keywords hinted at, i.e. serviced apartment, Clifton, Bristol, Victorian, etc.

Access to “travel blogger type scenes”

Supposedly everything builds on from the accommodation, doesn’t it? That’s certainly the case if we’re knee-deep in a discussion about travel bloggers’ preferences for destinations, of which Bristol is emerging to be a firm favourite.

Supposing you’re stationed in Clifton as a travel blogger, which would mean you’re in more of the residential, suburban area, the city proper and downtown are accessible at only a stone’s throw away. There are plenty of ways to cross the iconic bridge synonymous with Bristol, which many travellers swear by as the backdrop which provides evidence of having been in Bristol. Can you say you’ve been there if you don’t take a picture with that iconic bridge in the background?

Cross that bridge and you have instant access to everything that makes up the travel blogger scene.

Contextual location

In the context of where Bristol is located in consideration of the overall U.K. map, do locations get any better? Probably not, whether you seek to prolong your stay in this part of the world or if you are indeed just passing through.

It’s easy to see why Bristol is fast emerging as the go-to destination for travel bloggers looking for short term accommodation to suit their needs.

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