Breaking Plateaus with Dynamic Habits and Goals

Most of the time when things are really tough we try to shift away from the unproductive habit and toward an unproductive goal. We forget about the impact of our habits and goals, and try to force it.

My friend was stuck in a slump when he was trying to break through plateaus in running. He had to figure out a way to be able to run hard without the excitement of getting out there and pushing hard. So he started a slow running routine. For ten weeks he ran half an hour on an easy route and didn’t even get to where he was supposed to be yet. Then for another ten weeks he ran harder each time he got out there. This was a shift in goal.

In a way he broke through his psychological barriers. The psychological barriers are our barriers to change. Things have been structured like that since the beginning of time. But things have to be broken into smaller chunks. Even that’s not enough sometimes. That’s what people have to understand. So they can break those psychological barriers by building new goals around those goals. Goals that will make that change possible, but just like the best real money online casino Canada has to offer at any given time, it’s about maintaining dynamism.

The goal has to bear some kind of tangible incentive and be dynamic enough to challenge continuous growth.

The same holds true when we are stuck in a slump with our goals. It’s not until we break that mental barrier that things are going to change. That’s how it is for most of us. Break your psychological barriers, build new goals around those goals, then get out there and break those barriers down by doing the work.

This week I’ve been hearing from a lot of runners who are stuck. Even though they’re trying to break through plateaus and get to where they’re supposed to be, nothing is working right. So they’re trying new things. Things they don’t like. Things they’ve never done before. Things that are uncomfortable.

The things that are required for you to break through a plateau are really the psychological barriers. They have to be broken down. That’s the only thing that will be successful. When you feel like you want to quit, just go out on a run. Take that next step in breaking the mental barriers. Break them down by doing new things, by changing things. Do it every day. If you can do it every day and stick to it, you’ll eventually break through your plateaus and get to where you’re supposed to be. That’s the most important thing you can do to get the results you want. Break through the psychological barriers with goals and habits and habits that are exciting.

If you do it every day for a month or six weeks, your results will be a lot better than if you do it every once in a while. If you do it every day and you have the goal to break through plateaus, your results will be a lot better than if you’re trying to break through plateaus but you don’t have the intention to do it every day.

Focus on the Reward of Breaking Plateaus

When I’m training athletes I know that when they’re done they’re happy. I can see that on their faces. They’re usually pleased with what they’ve achieved. There’s something really satisfying about breaking through a plateau and finishing the work.

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