Best South East Locations for Shared Ownership

Are you looking to buy a home in the South East? Buying a home is always a big decision so here’s some of the best South East locations for shared ownership.

If you haven’t heard of shared ownership already and you have your heart set on somewhere in the South East you’re certainly missing out. A new way to buy a home in and around the capital, shared ownership is a part-buy, part-rent scheme that is putting first time buyers on the property market in areas where prices can be impossible for a first time buyer to afford or save up for. Shared ownership has seen huge growth in popularity especially in the huge number of areas seeing new development and regeneration throughout London boroughs. With a smaller deposit, more manageable mortgage and the option to buy more of your home overtime, buying a share in a property rather than the whole thing could really benefit you and your plans for the future. So what are the top places to take advantage of this scheme and where can you find shared ownership homes that suit you and your plans perfectly?


If beachy views, fresh fish and chips and walks along the pier sound tempting to you then look no further than Brighton. This area is renowned for its architecture, historical pier, delicious ice cream as well as the remarkable festivals the area offers. A place for creatives, work-from-homers and beach lovers alike, Brighton is a unique place to call home with less than an hour to London, the sea view from your window and stretches of countryside to roam around in after work.


The perfect balance between city life and countryside living, Sevenoaks is a South London County embedded within the picturesque landscape of Kent and well known for its chocolate box villages and stately homes. An affluent area with some beautiful houses wrapped in oak trees and long winding driveways, Sevenoaks is a romantic area just 20 minutes away from the capital and nestled within the Kent countryside. There is no shortage of green space and farmers markets with local boutiques being the closest amenities to many villages. Shared ownership homes in Sevenoaks are a great way to buy a home here and with plenty of celebrities setting up shop in this area, there’s no question why Sevenoaks is such a popular place to live.


If you want the perfect suburban lifestyle then Surbiton is one not to be overlooked. Surbiton is located in South West London and situated on the River Thames. With some beautiful walks along the waterways to be had and the bustling town of Kingston upon Thames to enjoy, shared ownership homes in Surbiton are a real steal. Ideal for families and commuters with London being just 25 minutes away, the perfect work/life balance is on offer here. Surbiton is a great spot to call home in the South and East and a purchase you won’t regret.

So whether you’re looking to buy a home in the suburbs, by the beach or a little more in central London, take your browsing to the next level and check out shared ownership with offering plenty of shared ownership and help to buy homes.

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