Understanding the Essential Functions of Protein in the Human Body

As a kid, you likely learned about the food pyramid in school. The pyramid has fatty foods on top, high-carb bread and pasta on the bottom, and fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meat somewhere in between. While this diagram is useful for kids, it doesn’t tell the whole story of macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and what […]

The Connection Between Nutrition, Probiotics, and Hair Loss

Probiotics have long been praised in the health and wellness industry because of its claim to have various health benefits. Since there is a strong link between nutrition, gut health, and the hairline, it begs the question if probiotics can also impact hair growth. Today we’re covering the basics of probiotics and how they work […]

Getting the best of Bristol’s arts scene through long term accommodation

You’ll be welcomed with arms wide open if Bristol is only really hitting your dome as a possible destination in which to enjoy an extensive experience of the arts. Better late than never, but how exactly do you get the best of Bristol’s vibrant and diverse arts scene? Bristol Museum & Art Gallery The Bristol […]

Get Better Rest By Reducing These Common Sleep Distractions

When was the last time you got at least 7-9 hours of a sound sleep? Despite benefits like improved mood, better focus, weight management, and a longer lifespan, rest seems to be low on the average person’s list of priorities. Hectic lifestyles and daily responsibilities tend to take precedent, as approximately 35% of adults report […]

3 Reasons Why Businesses Should Hire A Motivational Speaker

A company basically works like any team. If good qualities are nurtured the whole team receives their benefits, and if there is a lack of job satisfaction, it can easily rub off on others as well. It is the responsibility of every business owner and manager to ensure that their employees stay on the right […]

Mind over Money: Poor Money Management Can Lead to Poor Mental Health

The connection between the money in our pocket and the thoughts in our head are surprisingly more connected than you would think. A majority of purchase decisions are based on mental and emotional reasoning that makes us spend money we don’t have on things we don’t really need. The way we use our money may […]