Are Holiday Parks Worth the Price?

Holiday parks are quickly becoming everyone’s go-to destination for vacation time. They pack a lot of variety into a single location, let you do almost everything for the price of entry, and prevent you from having to drive around, but are they really worth the price?

Well, yeah, we think so. That is if you go to the best holiday parks around.

If you’re not convinced, here are a few reasons we think they’re not only worth the price, but actually an absolute steal.

1: No Need for Continued Travel

One of the worst parts of planning a sprawling holiday is that you will spend the bulk of your time traveling. Not only do you have to get to the region you want to enjoy, but you also have to drive between every attraction, pub, historical monument, or event you want to see. You end up spending more time in the car than actually experiencing things, and you can do that at home.

A holiday park has everything jammed into one area. You don’t have to travel anywhere outside of a brief walk to enjoy a dramatically different experience from what you’re currently doing.

Not only does this keep the good times rolling, but it also lowers your costs. Petrol prices are booming in the UK.

2: No Extra Entry Fees

Imagine you’re on a traditional vacation. You pay for the fuel to get all the way to the area you’re visiting, keep refilling to drive around, and then you have to pay for practically everything you do. If you find a horseback riding service, you can bet you’ll be paying for each person to enjoy it. Want to go to a waterpark? You’ll be paying for that, too. Every little thing will cost.

With a holiday park, 99% of the activities available are included in your entry fee. Yes, you’ll have to pay if you stop by the pub or buy something, but there aren’t any other entry fees to worry about.

Just imagine paying for all the different activities available at a holiday park separately. The price would be insane by the time you went home.

3: Variety

As we’ve mentioned several times, holiday parks have a lot of different things going on in one area.

Of course, there are the basics. You can find waterparks, playgrounds, dining areas, and more at any of the 4 holiday parks in Devon. However, there is far more to enjoy.

The holiday parks also have sports facilities where you can play tennis and other sports with other guests, horseback riding lessons, hiking trails, pubs, and more.

There is so much to do that you can easily get overwhelmed, and it’s all within walking distance.

Book a Stay at the Holiday Parks in Devon

If you want to go on a vacation in the UK, you have to book a stay at the holiday parks in Devon. Not only will you save money, but you’ll save time and energy as well. The holiday parks allow you to maximize your experience while minimizing your costs.

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