Are Canvas Bags Worth Using?

Canvas bags are making a bit of a stir lately. They’re becoming replacements for traditional fashion bag options such as leather or PU, and they’re quickly gaining steam with shoppers who are tired of plastic bags. 

Why is that, though? Why are they suddenly gaining traction when the other options function just as well? 

Well, there are a few reasons. We’re going to discuss the current canvas bag takeover in both the fashion industry AND normal, everyday shopping bags. 

Let’s get started. 

Custom Tote Bags in Shopping

For decades, we’ve all done perfectly fine with plastic bags, or so it seems. In reality, they’re major contributors to global pollution levels, they underperform, and despite being capable of being used multiple times, they’re designed as throw-away items. In short, they’re garbage. 

Custom tote bags, or canvas bags that are minimalistic yet trendy, are picking up steam as a reusable alternative to plastic bags because of that. 

Canvas shopping bags are typically simple in their design besides having custom designs printed on them, they’re spacious, and they’re made from sturdy canvas to ensure they can be used over and over again. Environmentally-conscious consumers might try to reuse plastic bags, but that’s only happening for a trip or two. Canvas bags can be reused for years. 

This helps keep plastic out of landfills, and when your canvas bags do wear out, they’re biodegradable; so, they don’t cause any environmental harm as plastic bags do. 

Not to mention, many stores are starting to charge for plastic bags, and those charges can be as steep as 30 cents per bag. Think of all the bags you use while shopping and how often you shop. That adds up quickly. In comparison, canvas bags are a one-time investment, and you can get all the basic canvas totes you need for about twenty bucks. 

Canvas Bags in Fashion

Canvas bags are also taking over the fashion world, but they’re a bit more complicated than their shopping-oriented counterparts. These tend to be thicker, designed with style in mind, and overall, much more complex products. 

However, simplicity doesn’t make something green. While these bags are complex and fashionable, they offer plenty of benefits. 

Like the simpler bags we talked about, these prevent the use of less environmentally-friendly materials such as PU, and they help cut back on for-leather cattle slaughtering. They also last an incredibly long time, and they’re more customizable than leather or PU bags. 

However, and this is a benefit you’re going to love, they’re far cheaper. You can get a high-end canvas bag for far less than even a mid-range leather purse. 

This is because it’s essentially treated cotton. So, the base material can be grown and harvested quickly, its processing is simple, and it’s easier to work with. All of that allows manufacturers to charge less. 

Canvas Bags are the Future

Canvas bags might not have been popular when they were invented in the 1940s, but as the world becomes more eco-friendly, they are booming in popularity, and that isn’t going to stop.

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