Activities to keep you entertained when you are staying in a luxury serviced apartment

We have all had to learn how to keep ourselves entertained indoors recently and when we can freely travel and holiday again, we are probably going to want to spend as much time outside exploring as we physically can. Whilst these best intentions may start off well, poor weather may scupper our plans to explore the city every day on our city break.

One of the great benefits of booking a luxury serviced apartment for your next getaway is the luxury surroundings you are blessed with. This gives you a head start when it comes to entertaining yourself inside. IN today’s article we give you some of our insights and tips on the best activities to pass the time inside of your luxury serviced apartment if your next holiday is a particularly rainy one.

  • Invest in a deck of cards and some good board games

Sometimes the classics are the best. If you find yourself with spare time in a luxury serviced apartment why not enjoy the company of those you are staying with a favourite board game? This can be a good way to engage with other people and passing the time whilst not having to leave your luxury serviced apartment. Especially if you’re staying there for a while. You might even want to look at buying a role playing game as they’re known to last much longer. Have a look at Wizards of the Coast if you’re interested. Additionally, it can also engage the mind and keep you entertained on long car journeys and overnight flights.

  • Make sure the luxury serviced apartment has good Wi-Fi and Cable

If board games are not your thing, we get it, but if you are staying in a luxury serviced apartment you should have a whole range of other options available to you. When booking the apartment, make sure it has good Wi-Fi with access to all the relevant streaming platforms. This will give you hours of entertainment to fall back on if the weather takes a turn for the worse while you are on holiday.

  • Make a list of all that you want to do when the weather gets better

If you are only due to be stuck inside your luxury serviced apartment for 1-2 days, making a list of all the stuff you are going to do when you are out could help build excitement and anticipation. Have a look at a map and research online some of the best places to go when the weather has cleared up, whether that’s a park, a museum, or perhaps even the best cocktail bar in Dallas, and enjoy planning yourself a little itinerary.

  • Spend time reading and recharging before you venture out the apartment

If you have had a long journey to your holiday destination and have already spent time travelling and seeing what the area has to offer a short stay in your luxury serviced apartment could be the perfect way to recharge. Spend some time reading and relaxing so that you are fully prepared to enjoy the rest of your stay when you are out.

  • Practice mindfulness in your luxury serviced apartment

Mindfulness is climbing higher on the list of priorities for many people who are looking to develop greater mental clarity and calmness. A luxury serviced apartment provides you with a comfortable place to meditate and clear your mind ready for a new day of travelling and exploring.

Make sure you are staying in a high-quality serviced apartment to maximise your stay

Hopefully we have provided you with some ideas of what you can do if you are stuck inside your accommodation when on holiday. Whilst the activities suggested could work in several different locations, if you book a high-quality luxury serviced apartment it will really help you get the most rest and relaxation possible.

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